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Traveling with children can be elating – or very stressful. Team E.T.A knows, because we are a family of bloggers who travel with a kid in tow. 😀 We find rgar flying with kids poses particular challenges that can daunt even the most patient parents, and therefore, we usually avoid taking flights at all cost. Traveling by bus or land is much preferred with out child in tow. But, we discovered that preparation and planning can avoid a lot of problems. So here’s Team E.T.A sharing tips should navigate you in the right direction.

How to Keep Track of Your Kids in the Airport

When a child goes missing, your kneejerk reaction is instant panic. Try the following:

• Each child should carry a loud whistle on a neck cord. Give your children instructions to blow on the whistle if they become separated from you.

• Dress your kids in bright, distinctive clothing. If everyone in the entire family wears the same type of outfit, parents will be able to spot kids more easily (and vice versa).

• Take a few family photos in the airport before you leave. You should have portraits and full-length shots of everyone stored in your camera or cell phone. This makes identification easier for authorities if someone goes missing.

How to Keep your Kids Occupied during the Trip

Pack enough activities to keep every child entertained.

• Pads of plain paper for origami, drawing pictures, passing notes, and playing games like tic-tac-toe or hangman

• Pencil crayons (better than wax crayons, which can melt)

• Books of stickers

• Portable gaming system with a couple of new games

• Portable DVD player and a few videos that nobody has seen yet

• Puzzles or mazes printed from Internet sites

• Kids’ card games

• Kids’ carry-ons filled with items from the Dollar Store

How to Keep Tummies Happy

Favorite treats might be hard to locate while you travel, especially if your kids are picky eaters.

• Pack a few healthy snacks.

• Make sure that each child has gum or something chewy to help equalize ears during the flight.

• If you are taking an evening flight, it might be easiest to make sure that everyone eats before the plane leaves. Younger kids will probably feel more comfortable in their pajamas.

How to Keep Everyone Clean

Kids (and adults) spill things. Who wants to travel with ketchup all over their shirt or clothes drenched in apple juice? Adults become distracted and otherwise well-behaved children may act out when they feel “yucky”.

• Pack lots of disposable hand-wipes or baby wipes for minor accidents.

• Take along a change of clothes for everyone in your carry-on luggage.

• Use plastic shopping bags or kitchen catchalls for dirty clothing.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Handling all your luggage, kids, stroller, camera, and whatever else you might bring along is a daunting task. If you need help to make a connecting flight, arrange for it in advance with your airline.


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