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Here’s following another adventure with SMCC1M. 😀

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In the meantime, here’s a little something for you to ponder about: Getting closer to nature. Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Media companions departed from as early as seven in the morning in Matic for Belum Rainforest Resort .

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A few hours later,the group stopped at Kellie ‘s Castle .

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The media were welcomed by the Board of Kellie ‘s Castle , Encik Zamari bin Muhyi.This heritage destination is also a symbol for a romantic love story.
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Our next destination was Belum Rainforest Resort.

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Something I don’t mind seeing everyday.

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Very peaceful…

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Eco-tourism is something pretty much foreign to me. The efforts made by Tourism Malaysia to introduce such thing is indeed something that needs to be praised. 😀 Temenggor is the ideal destination to attract travelers to eco-tourism.

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One of the activities that can be done here. 😀 water recreation.

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The resort offers various activities while kayaking around the islands. Rent is about RM30 per hour.

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Closer to nature. Guests may chose to trail through the jungle or fishing and camping.

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Night scene. We were given a chance to participate as Green Ranger in the Belum Rainforest Resort . The program began in May 2013. The program was 3 days 2 nights stay worth RM400 . There are five chalet and dorm that could accommodate 50 people . During our stay, we learned about various stuff that’s definitely not in the textbooks. If you want to be closer to nature, this is the place you should go.Green Ranger program offers an all- new experience- seeing wildlife habitat and wild plants which have never been seen before. The travelers may choose some interesting packages to explore the place.

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One for the album. 😀 Hopefully, we’ll have an opportunity to stay longer there soon.


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