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Dear Wife,

How long has it been since I told you how much I love you? It’s been quite some time ago, don’t you think? We used to spend so much time together. I could still remember the time when we just got married. You were so young, sweet and naive, just like I was and things were not as complicated as our lives now. We were carefree and had not much life commitment and obligations. Then, unexpectedly, you got pregnant and our lives were turned upside down.

From just a wife, you became a mother. And from just a husband, I became a father. It all happened so quickly that we never really got a chance to enjoy each other and become lovers. After becoming a father, as much as I love you, romance was never something I put priority on. You can’t blame me for that, can you, my Love? We both knew that financial stability is something that we must concentrate on in order to keep both our marriage alive and our child, grows up well.

I did not know when we started to drift apart and drown in our daily routine. We talked, but not really communicate. We speak to each other but not really understanding. I love you very much and worked hard for our family, but at what cost? We may now have all the comfort and everything we could ask for but we are no longer that close to each other like before.

No, I’m not blaming you. All I’m saying is that life challenges has kept us apart. Work commitment consumed a lot of my time while you, you are busy being a mother.

You used to call me and talk to me whenever I’m not around. You used to send me messages just to tell me that you are thinking of me. But not anymore. Perhaps, that’s my fault as I almost never have time to pick up those calls, or reply those messages. I missed that and I’m sorry for not having enough time for us.

I try really hard to spend more time with you, but it’s still not enough, I guess. You never told me but sometimes I caught you looking so forlorn and lonely and my heart break for both of us. I guess, somehow life somewhat torn us apart and you don’t really share what’s in your heart anymore.

Just last week, I caught you looking at Poh Kong website and showed our son Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection.

 photo PhotoGrid_1451073255273_zpsn4cssr9j.jpg

Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection.

You said they are just so beautiful and you told our son, that you wish you’d be able to wear some of them one day. I spotted you admiring each and every one of the collection.

 photo PhotoGrid_1451041631498_zpsixqysfzf.jpg

Tranz Nature Collection by Poh Kong

 photo PhotoGrid_1451041102981_zpsdtweghmy.jpg

ANGEL™ Diamond

 photo PhotoGrid_1451071059159_zpsqfbmg1ek.jpg

Poh Kong Multiple Joy Ring

 photo PhotoGrid_1451042287983_zpscv5ew3ec.jpg

Simply Elegant Collection

 photo PhotoGrid_1451071212092_zps7boccnzw.jpg

Earrings from Circle of Inspiration and Diamond Allure collection.

I’m sorry for spying on your private time with our son, but I can’t help it. Sometimes, the way to know what you are thinking or find out how you feel is through our son. You opened up to him more than you do to me.

Did you know? A decade has passed since we said our vows, but I guess I never really got to know you. I never knew that deep down, you like jewelries. You never mentioned to me before nor did you asked for it all these while.

I went to take a look at the collection and I couldn’t agree more. The jewelries are beautiful and I have no doubt that you would look exquisite wearing them. You told our son that the Multiple Joy Rings are lovely and how nice it will look on you, but my Love, you deserve more just just the rings.

Here is the the Top 3 items from Poh Kong that I would love to have for you; intricate pieces from ANGEL™ Diamond collection, because deep down, I still think of you as my angel, just like when we first met. My love for you has never wane. I might not be poetic or the wordy kind of husband but I feel so blessed to still be able to wake up everyday with you beside me.

 photo Angel Diamond Ring_zpsc1jqrgfn.jpg

Angel Diamond Ring. Looking at this, made me wish that we are not yet married. I would have proposed to you with this if I could but our time has passed. Perhaps, this would be just the perfect gift for my Angel for our anniversary.

 photo Angel Diamond Earrings_zpsbuzt6maq.jpg

Angel Diamond Earrings would no doubt bring out the radiance within you.

 photo Angel Diamond Pendant_zpsptvaqgyk.jpg

Angel Diamond Pendant, an alluring icon of light would pale in comparison if I were to compare it with the joy and laughter that you brought into our lives, but if you are to wear this piece, it will dazzle whoever looking at you and they would see the light in you that I have been blessed with all these while.

My dearest wife, marital duties and commitments have somewhat kept us distant even though we’re near to each other. Since our son is no longer a toddler and is fast becoming pre-teen, don’t you think we ought to start being lovers again instead of just parents?

Let’s go on dates more often. Let us break the rules and routine a little and love each other a little bit more. Let us put the gadgets away when we’re on dates and hold hands and steal kisses while we’re in public. Let’s open up more to each other. Our marriage may be more than a decade old but let’s treat each day from now onwards as I’d we just got to know each other and renew our love.

My darling wife, I may not be able to adorn you with the Top 3 items from Poh Kong right now and hopefully one day I could. For now, let’s do something fun for our first date in 2016, shall we? You love shopping for clothes and accessories, don’t you? Let’s make our first date in 2016 all about you and check this out:

 photo IMG_90509384491123_zpszhesmufg.jpeg

Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 will be happening from 26-27th of March  2016 at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and Poh Kong is one of the Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 2016 Main Sponsor and I heard there is plenty of prizes to be won when you participate in the clothes buffet. You can find out more on Clothes Buffet HERE. Let’s go for this. My treat and we’ll go for an ice cream date and a movie afterwards if you feel like it.

Waiting for your reply with anticipation,

Your husband

PS: hop over to Poh Kong website:
Facebook: pohkongjewellers
Instagram: pohkongmy

And whisper to me which of the items from Poh Kong Year End Festive collection you like most. You can tell me all your whimsical desire. I won’t judge or scorn you. Don’t be shy, I’m your husband after all, and I’d love to make your dreams come true if I could.


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