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Resort World Genting has organized their annual Back To Nature Eco Retreat and Team E.T.A was given the chance to join in. The event is part of Resort World Genting CSR program to foster awareness and appreciation on conserving nature among the public. The event stressed on taking care of the environment and the tropical rainforest that we have in our country.

The event started with the registration of the media and the participants at Awana Longhouse. Participants were briefed on the security measures that we should take throughout the program and was supervised by an experienced ranger.

 photo 20151205_101147_zpsltgvbyoy.jpg

During the 30 minutes session,  participants, amounting to about 80 underprivilleged students from schools from all over Pahang and members of the media were briefed about the rainforest in the vicinity of Resort World Genting that has existed for over 130 million years old.

During the briefing, participants were strongly reminded not to break the plants or picking up the plants to maintain the greenery and the beauty of native plants in the forest.

 photo 20151205_121742_zps0v2gbmp8.jpg

After the briefing, we were were taken to trek the jungle. It was really challenging as they were only small and narrow dirt paths.

 photo 20151205_122443_zpslr6vdtuz.jpg

The trek that we went was the shortest route known, which was 1.8km.

 photo 20151205_113128_zpsygpqqpup.jpg

After the strenuous trekking through the woods as far as 1.8km, participants were treated to a delicious lunch at Pasar Ikan Bakar.

 photo 20151205_142757_zpsftxvnl1w.jpg

After the short break and a noon meal, the next event is inauguration of the event  by YB Datin Paduka Chew.

 photo 20151205_142639_zpsdacu4dfe.jpg

Tree planting ceremony during the launching by Datin Seri Paduka Chew. Looking on, the VP or Genting Public Relation Division, Ms. Katherine Chew.

 photo 20151205_155101_zpscdttia0x.jpg

Part of the program itinerary was eco talk by Eco Knights, Environmental fashion show where participants teamed up together and produce environmental wear made from recycled materials and plants and last but not least Treasure Hunt

 photo 20151206_103509_zpsxd2jmnlc.jpg

Treasure Hunt session

 photo 20151206_123256_zpsw2lji5q0.jpg

Enviromental wear fashion show

 photo DSC_0210 2_zpsvpqhqxfc.jpg

The Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015 was a well organized event and it was indeed an adventurous and memorable and educational weekend for everyone.

Well done to Resort World Genting for giving back to the community through this Genting Back to Nature 2015 event and we look forward for more events like this one in the future.


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