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Malaysia is a country that is rich in cultural diversity, and it reflect in even what they wear. One of Malaysian’s pride and joy is ubdoubtly songket and batik. While Team E.T.A haven’t had the opportunity to visit a songket factory yet, but we do had the opportunity to actually see how batik clothings is made.

No.Sorry to disappoint you if you are expecting us to bring you to the East Coast to see some beautiful batiks. We’re not bringing you to Kelantan or Terengganu this time. We are bringing you to Gombak, Selangor instead.

Surprised? We are surprised too. One would have thought that Kelantan and Terengganu is the home of Batik but apparently Selangor is full of hidden treasure.

 photo DSCN7285_zpsa8inxisi.jpg

Barakaff Exclusive is located in a residential area in Gombak, Selangor.

 photo DSCN7286_zpsnjsymzt4.jpg

Our friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor. Getting all excited when we were told that we’ll be visiting the workshop. At least we all know the guys are excited for that. The ladies, however, were obviously all hyped up and happy that there are a sale going on there.

 photo DSCN7295_zpsuu6ypxjk.jpg


 photo DSCN7293_zpscbusmh8y.jpg

Items on sale

 photo DSCN7292_zpse6mnptjn_edit_1443721736996_zps4dqy4ppn.jpg

Modern print batik shirts for men. One thing about Barakaff Exclusive is that all of the items sold here is uniquely hand printed and designed. None of the clothings sold here are identical.

Visiting the workshop:

 photo DSCN7311_zpsf0dvuiov_edit_1443720507721_zpshepvwf9d.jpg

Batik in the making at Barakaff Exclusive workshop.

 photo DSCN7315_zpsozjwuqgz_edit_1443720713145_zpst5usi3v1.jpg

Modern and unique prints.

 photo DSCN7318_zpst4ios0jy_edit_1443720974082_zpslbm5f4z3.jpg

Trying our hands at batik painting.

 photo IMG_20150929_190327_zpswqzjb3zd.jpg

Some of the artwork we managed to churn out.

Check out the video by AlienGoTravel during our visit to Barakaff Exclusive.

It was certainly an interesting visit, and below is the info to Barakaff Exclusive in case you would like to visit or do some batik shopping:

Barakaff Exclusive
Lot 2095, Batu 9,
Jalan Gombak,
53000 Selangor.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Barakaff Batik
Contact: Syed Ahmad: 013-6666322


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