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Fancy camping but not quite adventurous enough to get down and dirty? Try glamping. Glamping or “glamorous camping” pairs destinations with the intimacy of camping and the world of luxury travel.
Glamping accommodations vary but, the most common types of glamping includes, airstreams, trailers, barns, farmhouses, cabins, pods, domes, cubes, eco lodges, huts, yurts, tents, tipis, villas and tree houses.

Most glamping accommodations are quite on the pricey side, but here’s introducing a budget glamping accommodation in Selangor; Eco Murai Rimba.

Check out the video. Team E.T.A has been to Eco Murai Rimba and we thought it is a perfect place for a retreat or for those who wants to try camping experience but reluctant to put up with the discomfort of sleeping in an uncomfortable campsite.

 photo DSCN7330_zpsexupnv3v_edit_1443794696334_zpshqsj2efp.jpg

Eco Murai Rimba is located somewhere by the riverside in Batang Kali, Selangor. It takes about just 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.

 photo DSCN7335_zpsujkk7k9r_edit_1443794731757_zpsqvjkif1e.jpg

There is a total of 9 rooms here.

 photo DSCN7327_zps7zlbljki.jpg

All rooms are equipped with Queen sized bed and could accommodate 2pax. Additional bedding can be requested to accommodate an extra person in the room.

 photo DSCN7564_zpsxv5s3gtg_edit_1443794760923_zpsshfrym47.jpg

Family room is also available.

 photo FB_IMG_1443803902625_zpsfla1hd2v.jpg

This family room can accommodate up to 4-5 pax and it have great view as it is facing riverside.

 photo DSCN7341_zps4fe38man.jpg

There are no toilets in all of the rooms. The restrooms are located outside and is public sharing basis. Washing lines is provided for your convenience.

 photo DSCN7338_zps3zsaz4st.jpg

Common area for leisure

 photo DSCN7394_zpsxkct34bf_edit_1443814061750_zpstf5mokwy.jpg

Kitchen/dining area

 photo DSCN7393_zpsaeq1ap9t.jpg

As Eco Murai Rimba is located just by the riverside, water activities is highly recommended.

 photo DSCN7522_zpsselwmrvl.jpg

But swim at your own risk and take precaution always as the water stream can be pretty strong.

A room for 2 pax in Eco Murai Rimba costs RM150 per night, inclusive of breakfast.

For current promotions, room bookings and reservations, please refer to the information below:

Eco Murai Rimba
B66, Jalan Lama Genting,
Sungai Pinang,
44300 Batang Kali,
Telephone:012-2505507 & 014-6355081
Email:[email protected]


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  1. Hi.i wud like to knw if u available on the 2nd june fr 1nite 1 room 3pax..
    How much fr 1pax

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