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Nestlé Health Science, the leading health science innovator behind the NUTREN® range of nutritional solutions, together with CARING Pharmacy, Malaysia’s fastest growing pharmacy retail chain, commemorates World Diabetes Day with the launch of the ‘Live Well with Diabetes’ forum at The Oakhall, Menara OBYU in Petaling Jaya. The enlightening forum aims to shine a spotlight on diabetes, by educating the public on the importance of nutrition in the management and prevention of Type 2 diabetes.

The forum was officiated by CARING Pharmacy Managing Director. Mr Chong Yeow Siang and Ms Maria Rica Mier, Cluster Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Health Science. At the launch, both Nestlé Health Science and CARING Pharmacy executives expressed their commitment to empower, and encourage people living with diabetes to take a proactive approach toward diabetes management

“Diabetes is a condition at t forefront of our organisation’s focus, and we are proud that the Live Well with Diabetes forum, is one of CARING Pharmacy’s many public outreach programmes to help raise awareness of the condition. We are delighted to partner with Nestle Health Science, and take the opportunity to share the positive results yielded from our Glucocare Challenge collaboration.”

“The challenge demonstrated positive change for those who took part and truly supported the participants to take charge of their health,” remarked Mr Chong Yeow Siang, Managing Director, CARING Pharmacy.

The highlight of the ‘Live Well with Diabetes forum, was a certificate presentation to participants who took part in the Glucocare Challenge. The three month challenge, was ran by third party nurse educators, and comprised of patient counselling, regular blood sugar level monitoring, and a specially crafted meal plan that adopted Nestle Health Science’s complete and balanced nutritional beverage for people with diabetes, NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik.

According to, Ms Rachel Liu, Dietitian from Nestlé Health Science, 19 individuals with diabetes, all below 65 years of age, and with a HbA1c reading 7% and above were selected to undergo the guided’ Glucocare Challenge to reduce their HbA1c levels. Results showed 68% of participants achieved a lower blood sugar level after three months of nutritional therapy, and 75% of those who were overweight at the start of the challenge, all lost weight by the end of the programme. Echoing the positive results yielded from the Glucocare Challenge, Ms Liu complemented the reveal by delivering a compelling presentation on the importance of creating a balanced food plan with the inclusion of a diabetic specific formula suitable for those with diabetes “Contrary to popular belief, Type 2 diabetes can be effectively managed with a holistic approach and an understanding of the role of nutrition and how it synergises with proper meal planning. In fact, several studies have reported that a combination of therapy. counselling services, and the right nutritional assessment, show results demonstrating a 0.5-2.0 % reduction in HbA1c for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The key is consistency,” remarked Ms Maria Rica Mier, Cluster Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Health Science Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. She continued, “NUTREN® Untuk Diabetik remains one of Nestlé Health Science’s most innovative formulations designed to regulate the blood sugar level of those living with diabetes, support them stay in control, and feel energised for the rest of the day.”

The Glucocare Challenge is a positive step forward by both CARING Pharmacy and Nestlé Health Science to the reach the 3.5 million Malaysians diagnosed with diabetes.

During the forum, special educational stations dotted throughout the venue provided attendees with the opportunity to understand and learn about the role of nutrition in the management of diabetes.

Each purpose-built station housed a specific theme to educate participants on their diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Activities included participants identifying the signs of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, understanding the role of the glycaemic index and learning about the importance of physical activity to prevent long-term diabetes complications.

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