Places to Eat in Melaka: Melaka Nyonya Village

There is many places to eat in Melaka but Team E.T.A would recommend the Melaka Nyonya Village.

 photo IMG_20140822_201225_zpsozuiezyk.jpg
Check out the Peranakan Dishes served here.

 photo IMG_20140822_202206_zps5xaz7qn4.jpg

Authentic Peranakan dishes

 photo IMG_20140822_202227_zps8jqw7yly.jpg

Tapioca chips/kerepek ubi keledek were served as an appetizer.

 photo IMG_20140822_202218_zpsdvmov7ae.jpg

Cincaluk Omelet/Telur Dadar Cincaluk is a kind of omelet where the eggs mixture was mixed with fermented shrimps before being pan fried.

 photo IMG_20140822_203208_zpsvsprmoxn.jpg

Salted veggie soup with chicken was perfectly done and very appetizing.

 photo IMG_20140822_203055_zpsqqkgekkr.jpg

Stir fried mixed veggies with foochuk. Very lovely.

 photo IMG_20140822_203422_zpstb6iprkw.jpg

Sambal Petai with fried anchovies was to wonderful.

 photo IMG_20140822_202223_zpszxsbudod.jpg

Pajeri Nanas, a type of curry that is usually cooked with sliced pineapple as the main ingredient.

 photo IMG_20140822_204325_zpshz171io5.jpg

Ikan Goreng Kerutuk is marvellous.

 photo IMG_20140822_203454_zpskazihvyf.jpg

Ayam Pongteh is a must try Peranakan dish if you are to dine in Nyonya Village. Their signature dish.

 photo IMG_20140822_203615_zps2qldukue.jpg

Otak-Otak is a kind of spicy mackerel pattie mixed with secret spices and grilled in banana leaf.

 photo IMG_20140822_202236_zpsw2zr6n8g.jpg

Fragrant Thai Rice was served to go with all the other dishes.

 photo IMG_20140822_202232_zpsysxwxpmt.jpg

Assorted Nyonya Kuih as dessert,aperociawudwud/media/IMG_20140822_205725_zpsn2dajafx.jpg.html” target=”_blank”> photo IMG_20140822_205725_zpsn2dajafx.jpg

At the end of the meal, we were served Cendol

Dining here in Melaka Nyonya Village is an absolutely amazing experience.

 photo PhotoGrid_1409749816982_zpsefm307js.jpg

There was also cultural performance performed that night, ranging from the Peranakan dance Dondang Sayang, fan dance, fashion show, mock wedding and many more.

Melaka Nyonya Village does not have JAKIM halal cert, but it is PORK FREE and it was promised that their dishes does not contain MSG.

For bookings of table and tickets for the cultural performances do refer to the information below:

Melaka Nyonya Village
178 Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka
Tel: 606-6306999
Fax: 606-6306977
Email: [email protected]

The trip to Melaka was made possible by MMode, Santai Travel and Malaysia Tourism.

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Things To Do In Melaka: Guided Heritage Trail

If you are not aware… There is this guided heritage tour in Melaka where you can visit interesting landmarks with your assigned tour guide.

Team E.T.A highly recommends signing up for the tour if you are intersted in learning more about Melaccan history. Here’s sharing with you the landmarks we managed to drop by with our tour guide.

 photo IMG_20140823_111018_zpsxd7f09dw.jpg

First stop was the Christ Church in the Dutch Square/Stadhuys Building.

 photo IMG_20140823_111024_zpsffhfmqif.jpg

There is an old fountain in opposite of the church. This is the Queen Victoria Fountain.

 photo IMG_20140823_115908_zpsukdpko6l.jpg

The Ruins of the St. Paul Church. St Paul’s Church is the church ruins that sit on the top of the St Paul’s Hill.

 photo IMG_20140823_120517_zpstzwagw6i.jpg

Here is how it looks like from the inside of the Ruins of the St. Paul Church.

 photo IMG_20140823_120456_zpsirbzp6av.jpg

Plenty of tombstones tablets are erected here on the church’s interior wall.

 photo IMG_20140823_122402_zpszsaol3ef.jpg

The famous iconic Porta de Santiago more commonly known as A Famosa among the locals.

 photo IMG_20140823_122826_zps4go39jwb.jpg

Istana Kesultanan Melaka. This is a replica of the Malacca Sultan’s palace during the Malacca Sultanate period.

 photo IMG_20140823_123823_zpsexz1gqsa.jpg

Proclamation of Independence Square/Memorial.

 photo IMG_20140823_115325_zpsguytddyj.jpg

And last but not least, the Menara Taming Sari .

Visit Ms. E’s blog for more details on the landmarks. Picture is courtesy of and

Below is the price to the guided Melaka Heritage Trail Tour:

Day of Operations: Daily, 9am-2pm

Child : RM110
Adult: RM120

Includes: English speaking tour guide/transport by request.

The trip to Melaka was made possible by MMode, Santai Travel and Malaysia Tourism.

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Places to Stay in Melaka: Eco Tree Hotel

If you are looking for a convenient place to stay in Melaka, you may consider Eco Tree Hotel.

 photo IMG_20140823_141215_zps05pfxawx.jpg

Eco tree hotel

 photo IMG_20140823_141228_zpsqqwffqqg.jpg

It is located in the midsts of the busy Melaka Town. Public transport and eateries are easily available here in Eco Tree Hotel.
 photo IMG_20140823_144005_zpsxroii6ef.jpg

Rooms are equipped with entertainment units like TV and WiFi connections.

 photo IMG_20140823_143940_zpsn59vxzgp.jpg

The toilet is ensuite and is squeaky clean.

 photo IMG_20140823_144607_zpscmycx93z.jpg

Living area in a Penthouse Suite

 photo IMG_20140823_144630_zpsbkgrozrf.jpg

Comfortable bed

 photo IMG_20140823_142846_zpsgpbwwdva.jpg

Swimming pool is uniquely designed to cater R&R activities.

For bookings and inquiries:

1, Jalan Melaka Raya 9,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
Telephone:+606 – 292 1888
Fax:+606 – 281 9991
E-mail: [email protected]

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Places to Stay in Melaka: Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Team E.T.A was invited by Santai Travel and Malaysia Tourism for a Cuti Cuti Malaysia Trip again in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014. Our 3D2N trip’s accommodation was sponsored by Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, located in Bukit Katil, Melaka.

 photo IMG_20140822_112052_zpsefkgqzp5.jpg

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort reception counter. Staff in this resort was attentive and friendly. We were given a spacious and very comfortable studio room.

 photo IMG_20140822_113436_zpsn9djdist.jpg

There was two single beds. :)

 photo IMG_20140822_113816_zpsylwfiwfv.jpg

The living room was equipped with loveseat and tv.

 photo IMG_20140822_114741_zpsvwnrn045.jpg

Dining table for two

 photo IMG_20140822_113357_zpsu6ywdzbb.jpg

Pantry is available for basic cooking.

 photo IMG_20140822_113444_zpsvl5fece8.jpg

Wardrobe is spacious enough for travelers.

 photo IMG_20140822_113526_zpssj9vnogb.jpg

Moving on to the bathroom, vanity mirror is available, of course.
 photo IMG_20140822_113536_zps4jhtc05c.jpg

Basic toiletries are provided.

 photo IMG_20140822_113546_zpsyborwhje.jpg

The toilet is squeaky clean.

 photo IMG_20140822_113606_zpsb0sp6bpu.jpg

There is also jacuzzi for couples.

 photo IMG_20140824_073056_zps0laytott.jpg

Personally, Team E.T.A thinks thatBayou Lagoon Park Resort is a perfect choice of accommodation for not only travelers and families but honeymooners and lovers as well. Great for companies who wants to host seminar and team building too.

Although the location of this resort is a tad out of Melaka town and would require transportation to move about to tourist attractions in Melaka, I think this place has it’s own charms. They have quite a lot to offer in terms of seclusion and entertainment. Food is readily available in their in-resort restaurant and a mini mart. But if you are lazy to get out, no worries. Room service is easily available.

 photo PhotoGrid_1409428298009_zpslazefnk9.jpg

This resort is apartment style and has water park and mini amusement park in it.
 photo IMG_20140824_130222_zpskyxanedi.jpg

There was bumper car ride which cost RM5 per ride.
 photo IMG_20140824_130218_zpsq2d1eru0.jpg

Both adults and children will definitely appreciate some bumping fun over here. :)

 photo IMG_20140824_130436_zpsrzztlksc.jpg

Souvenir booth is available if you wanna print out some of your photos on the spot into mugs and t-shirts and whatnot.

 photo IMG_20140824_130612_zps79yvj5vl.jpg

9D theatre is definitely something you have to try. :)

 photo IMG_20140824_130554_zpsm7lyehmt.jpg

Arcade for those who wishes to remain dry.

 photo IMG_20140824_130545_zpsxjktrnei.jpg

Playground for the tiny tots

 photo IMG_20140824_125753_zpsth8vpnzw.jpg

Pool for leisurely swimming sessions.

 photo IMG_20140824_125740_zps4r4yii9n.jpg

Water Playground for both adults and children alike.
 photo IMG_20140824_125903_zpslh8i8eli.jpg

Water gun

 photo IMG_20140824_125917_zpsvfexiodx.jpg

Water swing for kids

 photo IMG_20140824_125937_zpsymdybral.jpg

And of course, the unique coliseum inspired slides that will guatantee you some sheer, wet fun.

 photo IMG_20140824_130019_zpsamkpwevl.jpg

Tall water slides is also available for the more adventurous.

Operation Hour: 9:00am – 7:00pm Daily
Price: Adult RM20
Children RM15
Senior citizens RM10
Free entry for babies and toddlers and children under 90cm.

Here is the details should you want to have some splashy fun here

Check out their website HERE for more information on current room rates and promotions.

For reservations and enquiries:

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
75450 Bukit Katil,
Tel: 06-233 0888
Fax: 06-253 3876
Email : [email protected]
website :
GPS Coordinates
2 14′ 32.67″ N Â Â Â 102 18′ 23.28″ E
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
75450 Bukit Katil,
Tel: 06-233 0888
Fax: 06-253 3876
Email : [email protected]
website :

GPS Coordinates
2 14′ 32.67″ N Â Â Â 102 18′ 23.28″ E

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