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Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia 2014 Negeri Sembilan with Sahabat Media

Following our previous trip, Negeri Sembilan, a state known for its Adat Pepatih became the preferred location for the Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Sahabat Media program.Here is a recap of the trip:


Sahabat Media entourage arrived Klana Resort Seremban. The resort is located within the park, surrounded by trees greenery. Klana Resort Seremban is famous as one of the best team building. Here we had a chance to try some team building activities such as flying fox and abseiling. Forces that oversees the program team building here pretty experienced and trained. Traditional music greets our arrival in the lobby while we were greeted by the acting General Manager Klana Resort, Mr Saiful Bahri and YB Abu Samah Mahat.

While enjoying refreshments, a press conference was held. Then we had lunch in Xinjiang Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant in Klana Resort Seremban. Do not worry about eating here because the restaurant is certified halal and the chef, Chef Ho Tui Kit is experienced in Chinese Muslim cuisine. The menu should be tried is deep fried cod fish with Thai Sauce, braised shark fin soup with crab meat, chicken with dried chilli and cashew nuts and many more. Klana Resort Seremban also offers a Japanese restaurant, Yuri Japanese Restaurant too.
 photo MJ1_2257_zps919bd26a.jpg
Klana Resort Seremban has also taken the initiative to introduce Klana Steamed Nasi Lemak. Steamed nasi lemak special the specialty of Shura, Celebrity Master Chef. In conjunction with the launch of this steaming nasi lemak, Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar, YAB Dato ‘Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hassan and his wife inaugurate this special steamed nasi lemak. Sahabat Media was also served with iftar menu Klana Resort Seremban.

 photo MJ1_2452_zpsead7a8cc.jpg
While the evening, traditional games competitions as konda-Kondi, pull the stork nut and coconut bowling was held at the Istana Seri Menanti. Some of those players who never play konda life-Kondi.

 photo MJ1_2490_zps4da81527.jpg

By dinner, we all were treated to Negeri Sembilan Traditional Food in the ‘Makan Bersilo’.

On the third day, as early as eight o’clock in the morning, we were all taken to the Seri Menanti Resort. For golf enthusiasts, you can try to play here because the fields are quite challenging. According to Mr. Ibrahim, who hails from Kuala Lumpur, the golf course is quite challenging because it is hilly and narrow.

 photo MJ1_2601_zps64526e32.jpg

Sahabat Media also get to see a Majlis Berendoi where the event aims to celebrate the birth of a baby. Islam encourages shaved bald baby up so that all the dirt that comes out of the uterus can be removed and allow new hair to grow healthily. There was also berzanji and marhaban during the Majlis Berendoi.

After that, Sahabat Media were brought to Starfresh Agro Park. It is a place that has a restaurant, livestock, spa and much more in the same place. Do not worry because even Starfresh Agro Park has farm animals and a restaurant, cleanliness is assured, no odors or animal feathers flying. Starfresh Agropark this area 40 acres and was built in 1985 but at that time there were only fruit plantations only. In 2009, it was developed into one of the agro-tourism attraction. Here also serves a variety of food such as Chinese Muslims, steamboat, Thai Cuisine and Western cuisine. Most vegetables that is used in the dishes are harvested from the farm at the back of the restaurant. There are various herbs like cat whiskers, an elephant’s trunk and various other herbs. . Besides the restaurant, there are also other attractions such as paintball, spa, dorm halls, fruit orchards, livestock areas, and more.

Sahabat Media journey in Negeri Sembilan ends here and we were transported back to Matic. :)

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Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia 2014 Pahang with Sahabat Media

In conjunction of the Visit Malaysia Years 2014, Santai Travel Magazine, Malaysia’s premier travel magazine once again collaborated with the Division of Communication and Publicity Tourism Malaysia to bring us Sahabat Media to visit Pahang.

Pekan is a town located about 45 kilometers from Kuantan, Pahang. Interestingly about the town, it is not only the Royal Town of Pahang but it is also the birthplace of the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato ‘Seri Najib Tun Razak. More from the town is also a city that is home to the country’s automotive vehicle assembly factories world-renowned brands such as Mercedes Benz. According to the stories of the elders, the town got its name from a type of flower called ‘Bunga Pekan’. It was believed that the Pahang River wascovered by flowers. But there is another story that made more sense, which is where it says the town got its name from the ‘pekan’ itself. ‘Pekan’ means small town, market or place where people buy and sell. On the banks of the Pahang River community placements are often made ​​long time ago. So the trade would be done there.

 photo MJ1_3670_zps7cefc37f.jpg
AnCasa Royale is Pekan town Landmarks

Down the path Kuantan – Pekan, easy to find a four-star hotel. From far away stately seven-storey building located on the banks of the Pahang River. That AnCasa Royale Hotel, the newest hotel chain UDA Holdings Berhad, which has become a new landmark town. This involves an investment of RM100 million, was built in July 2011, offers 133 modern guest rooms comprising 22 units of single premier deluxe rooms, 103 deluxe units premier twin, two junior suites, four executive suite units and one presidential suite units and Royale Suite .

Once tapped into the lobby, carpet specially designed floral town makes us spellbound. Similarly, woven and embroidered detailing decorated in some corner of the hotel, inspires nostalgia for the past.
AnCasa Hotel not only offers comfort and luxury, but it is also suitable for those who want to organize a seminar or team building.

 photo MJ1_3751_zps64db6b55.jpg

Additionally, some bicycles are also available for those who wish to cycle around the hotel area covering 2.5 hectares.
 photo MJ1_3445_zpsdfc54fce.jpg

Interesting thing one should take note while in Pahang? Well, I’d say the open air-museum, Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar.The concept of open-air museum, Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, the town is one of the must-visit locations Pekan. Visitors will be fascinated with green grass with a replica of the four tails ‘horse’ is formed from driftwood, model fighter jets, armored vehicles, replicas Malay warrior made ​​of steel and egrets ‘rest’ in the middle of the pond. The Museum was originally built in 1888 and used as the first residence of the British Resident in Pahang. The building was also used as the headquarters of the Japanese army during the Second World War and subsequently made ​​the late Sultan Abu Bakar Palace. In 1976, the palace was turned into a museum after the Royal family moved to a new palace. There are five main galleries Kota Beram Palace, Balairong Series, Inderapura, Central Tun Teja and Pekan town with various historical materials. Looked to the gallery Kota Beram Palace, visitors can see the early history and how the late Sultan of Pahang in the modern era, the late Sultan Abu Bakar exploring the use of elephants and boat people.

Inderapura Gallery is featuring Aboriginal model of driftwood and we are amazed to see the world showcasing archaeological fragments found Pontian boat over 15,000 years ago in the upstream of Sungai Pontian and ceramics from the trading ship, Royal Nan Hai, which sank in 1946 and was only found in 1995 the Royal Gallery on the first floor showcases the currency that was used before, galleries polo and hunting activities.Team E.T.A do not have much pictures on that, but here’s the info you would need should you be interested to visit:

Visiting hours every day except Monday from 9.30 am to 5 pm
Entrance fees to the people of Pahang RM4, RM5 for domestic tourists and foreign tourists RM16


 photo MJ1_3575_zps7d89d183.jpg
Royal Weaving Center

Apart from the museum, Sahabat Media also managed to visit Royal Pahang Weaving Development Complex of Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah located in Kampung Soi, Kuantan.Pahang is famous for woven fabrics. It is believed to have originated from Sulawesi and Riau or brought to Pahang in the 16th century. According to an old story, it was introduced by a speaker Bugis called Tok Tuan (Keraing Aji). Royal Pahang woven produced according to traditional methods with maintaining artistic subtlety and complexity of design. Pahang woven fabric that is usually used for cloth gloves, and scarves sampin now applied in modern fashion design in line with the latest trends and tastes.In addition to that, we also brought Pahang Weaving Centre in Kampung Paya Keladi.

 photo MJ1_4003_zps17b2fb0a.jpg

Speaking of royal weaving,Sahabat Media was also very lucky when HRH Tengku Puan Pahang, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, the wife of the Tengku Abdullah Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Tengku Mahkota Pahang spent some time with us in the Ancasa Hotel during lunchtime and shared with us her passion in weaving and cooking.

 photo ab54f70a-536c-4ffd-925b-616a55e0b9dd_zps92e3847c.jpg

What is certain HRH Tengku Puan Pahang so high commitment in championing the tourism industry in the state of Pahang, especially in the field of culinary arts and heritage Pahang.

 photo MJ1_3903_zps206eb6ea.jpg

Before ending the program in Pahang, we were brought to the Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan.Writer had ‘tee off at Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan along with Idros Haji Yahya, Director of the Office of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the State of Pahang, Azlie Halim, Managing Editor Azizul Leisure and Mr Aziz, the manager of Royal Pahang Golf Club.

 photo MJ1_3864_zps12602525.jpg

This golf club offers an 18-hole golf course. If you’re in town, not difficult to find a golf club located near the palace. All sorts of golfing features and challenges available in this field. Long fairways, blind holes, bunkers and high and difficult greens.

Here’s the information on Kelab Golf Diraja Pekan

Golf unit
District Council Town
Crown Street,
Royal City Town 26600,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

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Wings of KKB Birds Race at Kuala Kubu Baru

 photo 3_zpsd9757870.jpg

Tourists often mistaken Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) as a sleepy and boringtown in Selangor, but the town located 70 km from the capital of Kuala Lumpur reveals a history that is both enriching and charming. The historic city were planted with high-value specialty trees like mahagony and tembusu and the tropical rain forest have been home to plants and animals.

 photo IMG_1489_zps87ab7987.jpg

When we set foot in the Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) quite some time ago in earlier of the year with the Sahabat Media, we have been given the opportunity to not only experience some bird watching activities but also the Bird Race.

 photo IMG_1658_zps3919c262.jpg
We had the chance to see live events for participants of the Open Category, universities / colleges and Photography and subsequently transported to locations ‘checkpoint’ Bird Race event.
 photo IMG_1771_zps29c0e9f0.jpg
It is quite a sight, to be able to observe of the participants as the event progresses. There is a busy and an observatory on the view through the trees to scout and identify species of birds.

 photo IMG_1454_zps09ed071a.jpg

Among the categories contested during the last year’s bird watching activities were Schools and Open category, but this year the two categories have been added to boost the program, these categories are Category universities / colleges and Photography and Mini Explorace for primary and secondary school students have enlivened the event.

As in previous years,the students observed birds around the city of Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) and for the open category, universities / colleges and Photography are participants need to move to ten checkpoint, starting at KKB City, Millennium Park, Water Pool hot, Hulu Tamu, Recreational Forest Education, kedondong River and ends at Resorts World Genting.

 photo 1_zps189e9138.jpg

It is interesting to note that there are participants from Japan and Indonesia as well.

 photo IMG_1634_zpsf35a25ad.jpg

The event requires participants to identify the name of the bird, use the leaves to make a flute calling birds, organize ‘puzzle’ where they have to find the pieces of the puzzle in the surrounding area in advance and more.

At the end of the Bird race, there opening ceremony and Gala Dinner hosted by Wings of KKB 2014 MDHS at Awana Genting. The ceremony was enlivened by a traditional Malay dance and poetry recital. There, the result was also announced.

 photo 20140427_162112_zpsaf063886.jpg

Apart from being able to join the Wings of KKB Bird Race activities, Sahabat Media was also given the opportunity to visit the Bee Farm and Strawberry Park.While at Strawberry Park, us Sahabat Media are also excited to see the heart-shaped strawberries. Besides strawberries, there are also various types of flowers such as Lavender, Rose, Chrysanthemum and more. This trip to Hulu Selangor and up to Genting is definitely and interesting one, and Team E.T.A think these sort of things are rather refreshing if you are looking for something worthwhile to do with your families.

For more information on the Wings of KKB program, hop over to www.mdhs.gov.my, or http://wingsofkkb.blogspot.com.

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