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Feeling rather nostalgic and wants some homey dishes that will remind you of your grandma’s cooking? There is plenty of hotels in Kuala Lumpur offering kampung themed buffet for iftar, but if you are a huge fan of rendang and curries, head over to Chatz Brasserie, PARKROYAL KL as their theme of chefs are all geared up to indulge your rendang cravings where a daily highlights of 12 rendangs from originating from different states of Malaysia will be served for your gastronomic pleasure.

Again, as this is a buffet and it is impossible for me to sample everything in one sitting, I will just highlight what’s not to be missed and what must be tried at the buffet.

 photo 20160510_184404_zpsd4jprpyc.jpg

Sooth your empty tummy with assorted sweet dates flown all the way from Middle East.

 photo 20160510_183315_zpscofa5okv.jpg

Quench your thirst with refreshing drinks. A must try: Air Janda Pulang and Cendol.

 photo 20160510_183516_zpsj5rznbra.jpg

Assorted jeruk as appetizer

 photo 20160510_183533_zpsqehtreab.jpg

Fresh ulams to go with sambals

 photo 20160510_183525_zpsqsdbjiwl.jpg

Assorted salted fishes and salted eggs to go with both plain rice and flavoured rice.

 photo 20160510_183944_zpstjvhm9q3.jpg

Keep a lookout on the flavoured rice section of the buffet. Flavoured rice is on rotation daily, so you can expect to be served different kind of rice dish daily.

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Must try: Assorted rendangs ranging from Rendang Manis Puyuh, Rendang Kuning Paru, Rendang Berempah Rusa, Rendang Kupang Pedas, Rendang Ayam Lengkuas, Sabah-Nissu Likuk, Rendang Daging Tok, Rendang Daging Kalio, Rendang Hati Johor, Rendang Ikan, Rendang Ketam, Rendang Ayam Nogori and Masak Hitam Sarawak.

 photo 20160510_183955_zps1b2prnlf.jpg

Not to be missed: Ayam Percik

 photo PhotoGrid_1463576882423_zpsggfmngjx.jpg

Ketupat daun palas and lemang to go with serunding ayam.

 photo 20160510_185004_zpssxobd3mx.jpg

Sup Tulang

 photo 20160510_184955_zpshfdhevrg.jpg

Bubur Lambuk

 photo 20160510_184235_zps5p50hvod.jpg

Nasi Ayam Hainan stall is also available, so if you are a fan of chicken rice, do ask for a plate or two. Chatz Brasserie’s chicken rice is pretty authentic and to die for.

 photo 20160510_191438_zpsinqkkpl7.jpg

Roasted lamb can be found outdoor, along with other live action stalls.

 photo 20160510_190941_zps9lfnktwl.jpg

Satay stall

 photo 20160510_190924_zpsrtd6wm9w.jpg

Char Koayteow Stall

 photo 20160510_192751_zpsfr7e5i3d.jpg

Chinese noodle stall

 photo 20160510_191808_zpsl2drypde.jpg

The Char Koayteow is delectable definitely a highly recommended item in the buffet.

 photo 20160510_191553_zpsioz3vfa4.jpg

The Goreng-Goreng stall featuring Penang Lorbak and other assorted fried stuff.

 photo 20160510_191607_zpsba4jadna.jpg

Penang Lorbak

 photo 20160510_184253_zpsa1uey1ty.jpg

The Apom Balik and Pancake stall

 photo 20160510_184307_zpsrr2jhm8u.jpg

Apom Balik in the making

 photo 20160510_184313_zpswhokdihj.jpg
Apom balik

 photo 20160510_184318_zpsnxop7yk1.jpg


 photo 20160510_184324_zpsqpuat2sq.jpg


 photo PhotoGrid_1463578583878_zpswdmg85b8.jpg

Assorted traditional Malay kuih is also available for your gastronomic pleasure.

Overall, Ramadan Selera Kampung at Chatz Brasserie is pretty generous with the selection and definitely highly recommended to those who would like a rewarding iftar after a long day fasting.

Ramadan Selera Kampung at Chatz Brasserie is available from 6 June 2016 to 5 July 2016, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. With unlimited flow of juice and soft drinks, the buffet is priced at RM128nett per pax, RM208nett  for 2 pax, RM298nett for 3 pax, RM392 for 4 pax and RM95nett per pax for 5 to 100 pax. Early birds enjoy the buffet at RM88nett per pax with advance payment made before 31 May 2016. Special savings also applies to selected bank cardmembers.

Prior reservation is required for all promotions. For reservation of enquiries, please call 03-2147 0088 or email [email protected]


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