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Looking for something heartwarming and nostalgic to break your fast with this coming Ramadan? Well, head over to Saffron Brasserie, AnCasa Hotel&Spa Kuala Lumpur for some 60s favourites. Saffron Brasserie is offering traditional dishes that is the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee’s favourites. Most Malaysians grew up with P.Ramlee’s film and now it is time to travel back to the past and eat what he used to eat.

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As this is a buffet, I wouldn’t exactly go in depth on each dishes offered but will guide through on what you shouldn’t miss at the Ramadan buffet that Saffron Brasserie will be offering, as the buffet spread is really huge and you can’t possibily eat everything offered in one sitting.

Here’s some dishes that I think should not be missed at the buffet:

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Nasi Mandi and Kambing Golek as well as their specialty fish dish.

 photo FB_IMG_1463335293053_zpspotx5bw1.jpg

Chicken skewers

 photo FB_IMG_1463335243158_zpswbdsdqbj.jpg

A closer look at the delicious chicken skewers

 photo FB_IMG_1463335233250_zpsyjbyn99i.jpg

Assorted flavoured rice which surely temp you more than just a plate.

 photo PhotoGrid_1463336694648_zps0x7ujicq.jpg

Assorted traditional curries and rendangs to go with your flavoured rice.

 photo FB_IMG_1463335226543_zpsplxiubjo.jpg

Not to be missed traditional dish which is a star sensation at the Selera Desa-Nostalgia 60an is the Nasi Kerabu.

 photo 20160512_130212_zpscbhtyusv.jpg

A closer look at the Nasi Kerabu

 photo 20160512_130216_zpsl3icpqan.jpg

An assortment of side dishes for Nasi Kerabu.

 photo 20160512_130124_zpsby94uwfk_edit_1463336054078_zps8kvbsffc.jpg

Sup Setapak, one of the late P.Ramlee’s favourite and I was told that the soup is to die for.

 photo 20160512_130046_zps5xvdc3rn.jpg

A selection of Yong Taufoo

 photo 20160512_130342_zps5ahs5ipb.jpg

A selection of appetizers in the form of ulams, jeruk and keropok.

 photo 20160512_130107_zpspurjoabr.jpg

Apom balik stall

 photo 20160512_130113_zpsr1o7ryji.jpg

Perfectly done Apom Balik

 photo 20160512_130409_zpsrscwqsty.jpg

The traditional kuihs is also not to be missed.

 photo 20160512_130424_zpsxeneecsp.jpg

An assortment of traditional Malay kuih.

 photo 20160512_144735_zpsojexj90h.jpg

Putu piring is definitely a must try. It is pretty much rare in Kuala Lumpur and not many sellers could produce good ones, and these are definitely heavenly.

 photo 20160512_125945_zps57atllxl.jpg

While you are enjoying your meal, you will be entertained with music from the 60’s which does include some of the late P.Ramlee’s numbers. Basically, not only the food is good but the ambiance is relaxing and nostalgic as well.

 photo FB_IMG_1463335314239_zpshjmbzmns.jpg

And here’s a team of chefs who will be responsible for your gastronomic pleasure.

Located within 10-mins walking distance of Central Market dan ChintaTown, Ancasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur is definitely a perfect place for weary travelers who seeks some satisfying iftar this coming Ramadan.

Selera Desa-Nostalgia 60an is offering early birds voucher at the price of RM58 until May 31, 2016. Normal price RM68net (adult) and RM40net (kids).

For bookings and inquiries please call 03-20266060 ext. 7703 or toll-free line 1-300-88-0032.


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