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1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale Trekselebriti


The Visit Malaysia Year celebration began with a pretty lively and at the same time offering the tourists experience the diversity of cultures in Malaysia .
In conjunction with the 1 Malaysia Grand Prix Sale ( 1MGPS ) , a launching ceremony was held at the Shopping Complex , Sunway Pyramid . The launch is filled with endless entertainment with the participation of over 20 local artists will enliven the stage Shopping Complex, Sunway Pyramid. Among the celebrities who will be present are Kaka , Aris Ariwatan , Zaiton Sameon , Nico , VIP Group, Adam AF , Iqwal Hafiz, KOOL , A to Z , Amariz , Altimet , Modjo , Aweera and so on .

eWana FM Radio also featured featured artists and radio DJs to enliven the event 1MGPS Trekselebriti . Among the artists whowas involved are Anne Farina AF8 , Shajiry Damery , Aesar Mustafa , Mega Boys, Faith Ikthiman AF10 , Syasya Solero , and more. Fm Radio Deejay Ewana also present the respective segments as Man King Boys & Elly Raja Lawak , Arshad Shah , Lia Omey , Azz , Nizal Mohamad , Tommy , Princess and Kozz Sazuka .

A fashion show was a collection of well-known local designer – DB Eurasian Kose Kose Design & Collection also 1MGPS Trekselebriti filling stage of the day.
Malaysia is a shopping haven in Asia . By offering a wide range of variation in the centers of world-class shopping , night markets , vintage shops and more surely give tourists value worth every penny spent . Malaysia was ranked 4th among the 12 Best Shopping Cities in the World by CNN.

Kuala Lumpur now stands tall with Paris , Hong Kong , Dubai and Milan in providing a shopping experience that is quite unique ! Kuala Lumpur offers the best price , quality, quality , and service a wide range of world-class brands .

For the F1 fans , the campaign Petronas Formula 1 Grand Prix start at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur , Queensbay Mall Penang, Johor Bahru and Sunway Pyramid. The main attraction of F1 Simulator Challenge is open to all ticket holders F1 . 10 drivers with the fastest time in each location will be competing in the final round at Sepang International Circuit on March 29 and a NISMO Nissan ALMERA worth RM92 , 000 await winners ! Do not miss the opportunity to get the greatest discount offer during the carnival 1MGPS 2014. 😀 Team E.T.A wishes all of you out there happy shopping. 😀

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Atttractions in Putrajaya: Putrajaya Lake Cruise

Looking for something special to do with your loved ones this school holiday? Well, Team E.T.A was invited to experience the Putrajaya Lake Cruise not long ago, and we thought that it is something that you can consider for a short R&R.


The Putrajaya Lake Cruise is located at Presint 1, Putrajaya. Near the Putra Mosque. The cruise package that we get to experience is the FootLoose and Cruise. FootLoose and Cruise is unique because it offers not only foor spa, but liveband and buffet on board too.



Putrajaya lake area is 650 hectares, and the Putrajaya Lake Cruise has officially became a subsidiary of Putrajaya Corporation on July 1, 2013 to provide recreational facilities to the tourists who visit Putrajaya.

What’s interesting about the Putrajaya Lake Cruise is that visitors can choose whether to board a boat or traditional Malay gondola to cruise around the lake. Above is the day view during the cruise. We were taken around the lake ato enjoy the views of some interesting places such as Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque, Darul Ehsan Palace, Millennium Monument, Masjid Tuanku Mizan, Monorail bridge, Marina Putrajaya, Seri Gemilang Bridge, Taman Wawasan Bridge, Seri Saujana, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Seri Satria and more.


Night view during the cruise.

Available packages:

Dining @ Leaf, Putrajaya

Brunch RM120 ( adult ) RM88 ( children )
Lunch RM130 ( adult ) RM98 ( children )
High Tea RM120 ( adult ) RM88 ( children )
Dinner RM130 ( adult ) RM98 ( children )
* Adult + RM20 on Fri-Sun
Operating hours:
10 am – 9.30 pm

Moonlight Cruise , Putrajaya
This package is only on Friday and Saturday at 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm only. Special because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around Putrajaya -filled night lights .
Sight Seeing Cruise Boat RM30 ( adult ) and RM25 ( child )
Boat Studies The RM20 ( adult ) and RM10 ( child ) .
Operating hours:
Every Friday – Saturday
8.30 pm and 9.30 pm

Love Boat , Putrajaya
Great for celebrating important dates such as anniversary or birthdays, or even weddings.

RM250/hour ( Monday-Thursday)
RM350/hour (Friday – Sunday)

Cruise & Hunt
Academic package will help school students to pursue a variety of exciting events in the New Millennium Tower and the most attractive incentives for schools are also available.  This package is often the choice school students who come to visit here . Minimum order 40 / package .

Cruise & Hunt Putrajaya
Starting from RM30/pax
Operating hours :
Monday – Sunday | 10 am – 3.30 pm

Cruise & Learn
The students will be exposed to the history of Putrajaya in a very spectacular way . This package is not only for school students , but university students too. Incentives for teachers and schools are also available . Minimum order 40 / package .
Starting from RM18/pax
Operating hours :
Mon – Sun | 10am – 3.30pm

For bookings and inquiries:

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya,
Jeti Putra, Jambatan Putra, Presint 1,
PutrajayaContact :

Email :
[email protected]


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