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Is travel by bus a viable alternative for a long-distance trip? Nowadays, they are not third-rate travel options. Buses often have free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and may even offer movies.Buses, while they take longer, may cost a fraction of the price for a comparable plane ticket. Modern buses might surprise you with their amenities. Follow these tips, and your next bus trip could be a pleasant experience that you decide to repeat:

• Before you buy your ticket, call the bus carrier or check online to see what amenities they offer.

• Download movies, audio material, or eBooks to your smartphone or tablet before you leave. Remember that audio books require less battery power than movies or eBooks.

• Pack nutritious snacks and bottled water for long trips, especially if you have special dietary requirements or allergies.

• Carry clothing that you can put on or take off in layers. Air conditioning on the bus may not work properly.

• An inflatable travel pillow and light blanket will help keep you comfortable on long-haul routes.

• Beware of thieves in bus terminals. They may work in teams to divert your attention while they grab your luggage or pick your pockets.

• With luggage stowed under the bus, LIFO is the rule (last in, first out).

• When selecting a seat, ensure that it has electrical outlets if you need them, and confirm that the adjustable seat functions work correctly.

• If you are sensitive to smells, avoid sitting near the washrooms or trash.

• Do you have long legs? There is generally more leg room in the front-row seats or in the middle-row seat at the back of the bus.

• If you travel light with a small bag, you should be able to stow it under your seat. Secure the strap around your ankle so that nobody can steal your bag while you nap.

• In some countries, seatbelts are required. If your bus has them, be sure that yours is secured whenever the bus is moving.

• Be polite to others. Lower cellphone ringtone volumes and try to use text rather than voice to deal with business while you are on the bus.

• If someone is working on a computer or wearing headphones, they probably do not want to engage in conversation.

• Clean up any messes you make.

• Keep purses, luggage, and legs out of the aisle.

• Take your purse, tablet, laptop, or other valuables with you if you have to use the washroom.

• Wiggle your toes, rotate/flex your ankles, and clench/relax your calf muscles periodically to avoid deep vein thrombosis.

• Leave the bus whenever it stops for a break and walk around a bit. This will help you avoid soreness and stiff muscles at the end of the trip.

• Use washrooms in bus stops whether you need to or not. They usually smell better and are cleaner than the bathrooms on the bus.


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