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Tea,m E.T.A loves roadtrip. So here’s sharing provides information about a few gadgets that are extremely useful and practical while you travel by car.

1. Universal USB Charger

Do you own an MP3 player, iPod, or other electronic device that recharges in a computer USB port? Many companies now manufacture a unit that operates on household current, a cigarette lighter, or your vehicle’s power point. These devices have a small USB-compatible port. Simply plug the USB charging cable into your hardware, put the other end into the device, and you can recharge without a computer. Once you own a USB charger, you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without it!

2. Car Charger for Rechargeable Batteries

Do you use rechargeable batteries for your digital camera or GPS? Rechargeables are better for the environment than regular one-use disposables; but how do you keep them charged on a long road trip? Buy a car charger! These compact units plug into a cigarette lighter or power point. Travel with one in your glove compartment, and you’ll always have a way to recharge when you need it.

3. Solar Panel Battery Charger

These devices combine everything. You can recharge via household current, cigarette lighter adapter, power point, OR an ingenious solar panel system that works whenever the sun is shining. Some manufacturers even include special adapters for powering your cell phone or PDA. Travel will never be the same once you become accustomed to the convenience of a solar charger!

4. Portable Car Water Heater

You can purchase a water heater that draws power from your vehicle’s power point – complete with cups. These heaters look like small kettles.
You can also acquire a gadget that immerses in a cup to heat soup, coffee, tea, other beverages, or water for baby bottles.

5. Portable Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Frequent travelers are well aware of the problems associated with drinking water from unknown sources. Even little bits of water left on lettuce in a salad can quickly cause a bad case of travelers’ diarrhea. You can easily sterilize your drinking water with a portable ultraviolet water purifier that destroys bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. These pen-sized units are small enough to fit into a glove compartment, pocket, backpack, or purse.

6. Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is indispensable for all the little things that can go wrong on your road trip. Many different multi-tools are available online – containing a combination of pliers, screwdriver, scissors, knife, awl, and other tools that can save you in a pinch.

These are just a few of the gadgets that are available for travel. Every time you go on a road trip, take note of the exasperating moments and inconveniences and put them in your travel next time you go for a road trip. 😀


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