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You’ll meet all sort of people while you are traveling. The good, the bad, the friendly, the rude…you name it.

Team E.T.A was recently invited to a media trip and discovered first hand that some travelers can be obnoxious and extremely rude and can be terribly proud of their social status while traveling.

We have encountered an unpleasant, grumpy lady who critisized almost everyone she comes across, and pretty much racist if you ask me. From critisizing people’s outfit, refusing to share photography spot and to being rude to those who doesn’t share her ethnicity, you name it. While the trip was fruitful, it does make an unpleasant experience for us.

Now, here is a piece of advice to fellow travelers out there. Traveling should be fun and like we always believe, it should be a good and memorable experience for all. So be nice to other fellow bloggers. Being rude or giving people a hard time just because you are PMS-ing or having a jet lag is a no-no. You’ll never know if you’ll offend someone who is capable of hurting you when they are unhappy or feel offended.

And for those who are on the receiving end of bad attitude from other fellow travelers, please don’t lower yourselves to their standards. They’re a result of poor upbringing, not you. 🙂


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