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Christmas 2016 Dining Ideas: Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Looking for a little bit romance in Kuala Lumpur this coming Christmas? There are plenty of romantic places where you can celebrate Christmas, but if you are looking for some romantic dining with a view, head over to Big Apple Restaurant or Samplings On The Fourteen in Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

 photo 20161117_202255_zpsio6vgzma.jpg

Located in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur, these two restaurants offers fantastic view with delectable buffet selection.

And here’s showcasing some of the items that will be made available during the festive season in Samplings On The Fourteen.

 photo IMG_4400_zpsxbhzawez.jpg

Roasted turkey with stuffings and all the trimmings

 photo IMG_4405_zps9lwjsy7g.jpg

Lamb rack and roasted beef with all the trimmings

 photo PhotoGrid_1479652933524_zpsgvdjko2p.jpg

Assorted warm local dishes to choose from

 photo IMG_4391_zpsrhhkpuk9.jpg

Seafood on ice

 photo IMG_4451_zps5gegxufo.jpg

Action counter serving ala minute pasta

 photo IMG_4454_zps0hykuuuk.jpg

Aglio Olio spagetti from the action counter.

 photo IMG_4379_zpsrqu5kfae.jpg

Soup of the day and assorted dinner rolls

 photo IMG_4384_zpsfk6rvu8h.jpg

Salad bar

 photo IMG_4393_zps8qa9yzlg.jpg

Assorted salad and cold cuts

 photo IMG_4421_zpsgyoqrdav.jpg

Assorted Christmas cakes and cookies are also available for your indulgence.

 photo IMG_4430_zpsi2etg3f0.jpg

Christmas Stollen

 photo IMG_4422_zpsyrhehmux.jpg

Traditional fruitcake

 photo IMG_4442_zpslg6jvmvz.jpg

Fruit cake

 photo IMG_4445_zpsjo33gsge.jpg

Chrismas cake

 photo IMG_4425_zpsrd0luvpt.jpg

 photo IMG_4439_zps5w3pjcyx.jpg

Christmas cookies

 photo IMG_4367_zpsaaiktkbg.jpg

Gingerbread house

Apart from the delectable feast as shown above, diners will also get to enjoy, complimentary beer, wine, cocktail or mocktails with lucky prizes such as customized fashionable bracelet from 97Bros, which 4 of the founders were born in year 1997. Personalized cushions from All Things Decor; which you can print your own name on it. And oh, not forgetting that diners also stand a chance to win hotel stay and dining vouchers.

For diners’ reference:

Big Apple Restaurant

24 December 2016
Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner
RM148 nett per adult,
RM68 nett per child,
RM78 nett per senior citizen,
Inclusive of glass of house wine or house cocktail

25 December 2016
Christmas Day Hi-Tea Brunch
12:30pm till 4pm
RM95 nett per adult,
RM38 nett per child,
RM58 nett per senior citizen,

31 December 2016
New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner
RM148 nett per adult,
RM68 nett per child,
RM78 nett per senior citizen,
Inclusive of glass of house wine or house cocktail

Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant

24 December 2016
Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner
RM178 nett per person
Inclusive of glass of house wine or house cocktail

31 December 2016
New Year’s Eve 5-Course Set Menu
RM208 nett per person
Inclusive of glass of house wine or house cocktail

New Year 2017 Countdown,
Happening on 31 December 2016,
At Broadway Lounge from 11pm-2am,
And Poolside Gazebo from 9pm onwards.
Both priced at RM50 nett per adult,
RM25 nett per child (12-15 years old)
Inclusive of a glass of beer,
House wine or house cocktail.

To make reservation or for further inquiries:

Call Big Apple Restaurant at 03-2117 8000 (ext. 8133)
Samplings On The Fourteenth (ext 8131)
Broadway Lounge (ext. 8127)
and Poolside Gazebo (ext 8977)

Or simply log-on to 

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Ultraman Live in Genting 2016

Kids getting bored stiff at home during the school holidays? Why not give them an adventure of a lifetime in Resorts World Genting and let them experience first hand how it is like to be a superhero?

Fans of Ultraman will be so excited to know that the superheroes are here at Resorts World Genting to battle their nemesis, the dark forces from the planet Baltan.

 photo IMG_26100101_zpsfwdbronh.jpg

Alien Baltan has been very unhappy since his defeat in Resorts World Genting last year, and now he wants a rematch with the Ultra heroes and is more determined than ever to destroy the Ultra heroes.

 photo IMG_263601_zpsyicr3l2c.jpg

Alien Baltan invades with bigger force this year, with more villains backing him up in his mission to invade Resorts World Genting.

 photo IMG_2751_zpsb19vfk6e.jpg

This time around the battle is not only with alien Baltan but also with the dark warriors Chaos Ultraman Calamity, Dark Lops Zero, Kaiser Darkness, Dark Zagi and Evil Tiga.

 photo IMG_3136_zpsry87kiaf.jpg
Wanna know who won the intense battle between good and evil? Well, I won’t be revealing who emerged victor here for you. All I can say is that the ending came with some unexpected twist. Nobody likes spoilers, so if you are Ultraman fans, you should lend your support and watch this show in person and help Ultraman defeat the villains.

 photo ultraman-live-in-genting-2016--revenge-of-baltan_visual_zpsy1wofgni.jpg

Ultraman Live in Genting – Revenge of the Baltan to be held from 5 November 2016 to 2 January 2017.  

Tickets for Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 – Revenge of the Baltan are priced at:
RM 108 (VIP)
RM 88 (PS1)
RM 68 (PS2).

Early birds will enjoy either 30% discount (Genting Rewards Card members) or 20% (non-members). 

Room packages are available from now until 2 January 2017. Stay at First World Hotel from RM 184 nett in a XYZ deluxe room that comes with two show tickets. Group of family of four can also opt for the XYZ Triple room package that comes with four show tickets ranging from RM 288 nett. For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to

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Travel Around Europe in Resorts World Genting

Dreamed of traveling around Europe but don’t exactly have the time or budget to fly over? Worry not. Resorts World Genting is bringing Europe to you and you can experience how it is like to travel to some countries in Europe without even stepping out of Malaysia.

 photo received_bWVzc2FnZV9ibG9iX2F0dGFjaG1lbnQ6MTM1Mjk2MDQ4MTQxMDk5MA_zpssm5ylqia.jpeg

A visit to SnowWorld at Resorts World Genting means you will bring home rib-tickling memories thanks to the arrival of some new attractions.

 photo received_bWVzc2FnZV9ibG9iX2F0dGFjaG1lbnQ6MTM1Mjk2MDI0MTQxMTAxNA_zpske8ugbh3.jpeg

A new attraction that awaits visitors is the Excitement European Facade. Like the theme suggests, SnowWorld has been transformed to look like a European village—with replicas of various European symbols creating a believable imaginary world.

 photo received_bWVzc2FnZV9ibG9iX2F0dGFjaG1lbnQ6MTM1Mjk2MDkxODA3NzYxMw_zpsry8jhlbw.jpeg

You can make-believe you are touring Europe as you take in the sights and sounds at the various “countries” created, namely Holland, Italy, Norway, England, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

 photo received_bWVzc2FnZV9ibG9iX2F0dGFjaG1lbnQ6MTM1Mjk2MDY0NDc0NDMwNw_zpsr6lfgwtw.jpeg

Experience what being in a German Boucherie with 3D sausage and 3D cow is like  or take a picture in front of the facade bearing the image of a windmill with the 3D Holland Clog aside. 

Apatt from the European village facade, SnowWorld is offering to take you time traveling back to the fantastic madieval times in the form of 3D trick art—fanciful comical props with hilarious names like King’s Feast, Falling Chandelier, Distorted Knight, Snow Monster, and Dragon Prop. Yes, SnowWorld has adopted a medieval theme and there are many exciting photography backdrops and 3D props, making each visit a delightful one for visitors. They can take pictures of themselves as part of someone’s food at the King’s Feast, or appear to be stuck in a black castiron cauldron, the unfortunate victim of a trio of witches at the Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble segment. And what about taking a picture of a chandelier falling on you? This can be realised at the Falling Chandelier section that gives the illusion of, well, a chandelier falling on you! The young and young-at-heart who simply love taking selfies would no doubt also be delighted to take a picture with the Snow Monster—they are seemingly enveloped in a blue fog that is the monster’s breath. Yet another funny backdrop worth capturing in print is the Knight on Horse where you can make-believe you are a warrior when you stick your head through a hole that is the missing head of a knight.

The tour itself can be considered educational—Geography lessons for the kids—or the guest may simply look upon it as a picture-worthy session filled with heartwarming moments.  SnowWorld has revised its ticket prices and the new rates are RM38.30 for adults and teenagers (RM34.50 for Genting Rewards Card or GRC members) and RM32.50 for children and senior citizens (RM29.20 for GRC members). There is also Family Package priced at RM129.10.  For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to

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Mamee Monster Biskidz, First-ever biscuit with DHA

Mamee has been as part of Malaysians’ childhood years and households for almost half a century. As the company continues to grow with Malaysians, Mamee understands that it is even more important to identify and evolve with its consumers’ needs. Focusing on two key elements of a child’s life – nutrition and play – Mamee officially launched Mamee Monster Biskidz, its first-ever biscuit with DHA.

 photo image006_zps2tukumia.jpg

“Children these days have so much going on, running from one activity to another and, they need to keep their hunger pangs at bay to keep them going; especially in between their activities, helping them focus on their activities. Research and science have shown that DHA is a key component that aids brain development, DHA is essential for a child’s brain growth. We are excited to launch this new product, which complements their learning and development while giving them a tasty and nutritious boost on-the-go,” said Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Pang Tee Chew, Group CEO, Mamee -Double Decker Sdn. Bhd.


The biscuits also contain added product benefits including nine vitamins; vitamin A, which is essential for functioning of the eyes, the family of B vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, that aid metabolism and energy production, Vitamin D that helps the body utilise calcium and phosphorous, Vitamin E that protects the fat in the body tissues from oxidation and calcium to aid in the development of strong bones and teeth.


“Education today has evolved and children must develop skills that will help them succeed and compete, be it in Malaysia or beyond. This led to the introduction of the Ministry of Education’s Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 that has a focus on development of higher-order thinking skills, the holistic development of children and improving cognitive skills which include problem solving, reasoning and creative thinking. Innovations like this complement children’s lifestyles as they go about their daily routine,” said Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Mahdzir Bin Khalid, Minister of Education, Malaysia.


“Our brand purpose is to inject fun in learning and children must develop skills that will help them become more well-rounded individuals, which is in line with the efforts of The Ministry of Education. At Mamee, we have always encouraged learning via fun activities through our various initiatives and school roadshows. We want to encourage children to unleash the power of imagination or what we at Mamee term “Kuasai Imameeginasi” with the ambition of inspiring young minds today for tomorrow,” said Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Pang Tee Chew.


The biscuits come in three flavours, developed based on what children enjoy – milk, which is key in their lives, chocolate a favourite treat and seaweed that adds a savoury element. The biscuits are also light and crispy in texture, making it easier for children to consume. There are four convenient pack sizes to choose from, catering to different consumption needs and occasions. Each biscuit is also embossed with the iconic Mamee Monster Biskidz mascot, adding a fun twist to the biscuits.


Mamee Monster Biskidz are now available nationwide in four different pack sizes with varied pricings as below:

·         Mini Pack sold at RM 0.50

·         Regular Pack at RM 1.00

·         Mid Pack at RM 3.90

·         Large Pack at RM 7.90

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Magical Christmas at Curve

 photo Photo 1_zpsmvtn8qpr.jpg

Of tinsels and jingles, festive joy and good cheer, it is once again a celebration of the most wonderful time of the year. This year, visitors to the Curve will be treated to a Christmas fit for royalty with its campaign themed Princess Anastasia’s Mesmerising Christmas Gala.

From November 25, 2016 to January 1, 2017, patrons will be awed by a magnificent indoor castle standing 40 feet high, decorated with Christmas ornaments. With four towers soaring upwards, shoppers will surely be captivated by the beauty and vastness of the castle which takes up the mall’s entire Centre Court. 

Upon walking through the impressive portcullis, shoppers will find themselves in a grand Royal Ballroom where the Mesmerising Christmas Gala will take place. Specially-created and choreographed just for the Curve’s visitors, the musical tells the tale of the beloved Princess Anastasia and the musical ball she holds for other royals throughout the land as well as her loyal subjects to celebrate Christmas Day.
Draped in sparkling regal gowns and costumes, audiences will surely swoon over the sight of dancers swirling and twirling gracefully across the ballroom. Catch this dazzling live performance twice a day on weekends and Public Holidays, except on December 13, 2016.
Jazmi Kamarudin, General Manager of the Curve, said, “Given that Christmas and the year-end festive holidays are the best time of the year, we wanted to treat our visitors to an extraordinary experience here at the Curve. That is why, we arranged for a series of specially-choreographed performances and other fun activities for our shoppers to fully get into the holiday mood!”

To enhance the wondrous Christmas ambience, other attractions at the Curve include a medley of delightful Yuletide tunes during The Carol of Christmas performance, and a bazaar offering a variety of seasonal goodies. From decorative items, to delectable treats and even the perfect gift for a friend, there is something here for everyone. For an even jollier celebration, spot Santa and his Santarinas as they stroll around the Curve this Christmas! 

Additionally, spend a minimum of RM550 (RM500 for UOB cardmembers) in a maximum of two receipts at any outlet in the Curve to receive a Kids Play Tent, courtesy of the Curve. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions, and while stocks last.

To learn more about the Curve’s Christmas campaign, contact the Curve Customer Care officers at 03-7710 6868 or visit the Curve’s website at or Facebook page at

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Dolls Comes to Life in eCurve For Christmas

 photo Photo 1_zps14cs0qcg.jpg

Prepare for a festive celebration unlike any other as eCurve gets all dolled up for the Christmas season. With the year-end holidays just around the corner, shoppers will have the chance to embrace their inner child for some quirky, unique fun thanks to the malls Christmas campaign, themed Misty Belle and her BFFs Come to Life.

From November 25, 2016 to January 1, 2017, eCurves Centre Atrium will become home to a group of fun-loving dolls as they come to life just for the Christmas holidays. Dont miss Misty Belle the Style Goddess and her friends, Victoria Snow the Social Butterfly; Josh Aspen the Fitness Junkie; Dexter Hope the Gadget Geek; and Kandy Kane the Social Foodie, as they put on a high-spirited musical production to share their excitement for the festive occasion with audiences of all ages.

Taking place twice a day on weekends throughout the Christmas campaign, its bound to be a lively and energetic show that will have shoppers grooving along to the upbeat tempo and familiar Christmas tunes!

Azizul Hisham Ahmad, Centre Manager of eCurve, said, This year, weve tried to create a uniquely different atmosphere for our visitors to enjoy when they visit eCurve during the year-end festive season. The musical performance is fun and entertaining, more so as audiences will be able to relate to the diverse characters featured, be it sporty or geeky, a fashionista or a foodie, or even the cheerful social butterfly. We certainly hope our shoppers will have a good time watching the show!

To add to the fun, visitors to eCurve will be able to put on their best doll-like impersonations with the five life-sized, one of a kind doll boxes set up around the Centre Atrium. Be sure to take part in the mall’s Instagram contest! To participate, simply follow eCurve’s official account, @eCurve_official, strike a pose with a doll box of choice and upload it to Instagram with the relevant hashtags. A total of twenty-five lucky shoppers with the most creative photos will take home a RM100 cash voucher each! Don’t forget to check eCurve’s Instagram and Facebook every Friday throughout December to discover the five winners of the week.

The Christmas joy doesnt stop! Throughout the campaign, shoppers who spend a minimum of RM200 in a maximum of two receipts at any outlet in eCurve will be able to redeem an adorable Christmas Cuddly Bear. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.

Keen to learn more about eCurves Christmas campaign? Contact eCurves Customer Care officers at 03-7725 0277 or visit or eCurve Facebook page at

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