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Great Place to Stay and Experience Kampung Life: Banghuris Homestay

After attending the press conference in Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort,Team E.T.A were brought to Banghuris Homestay, Sepang.
image We were welcomed by a bunch of kompang players who played the traditional welcoming music with the kompangs. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is a Malay tambourine that is used in Islamic devotional music in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. The sound of kompang often accompany Islamic ritual such as the zikir. It is is widely use by Malay people when celebrating the bride and groom in a wedding ceremony


Almost like a kenduri


Upon arrival, we were served some mee soup. 😀


And fried Tempe; soya bean paste coated in light flour batter anddeep fried. Good on it’s own or taken as a condiment with the mee soup. Best taken with chilli sauce, I must say.


A huge surprise to durian lovers. :) Our host made sure that we enjoy our kampung visit to the fullest by throwing us a durian feast.


After satisfying ourselves with the durians and fabulous food that our generous host has prepares for us, Team E.T.A went and checked out the fishing pond. Fishing is part of the activities provided by the Banghuris Homestay that you shouldn’t miss.


Our media friend showing us how to fish like a pro by just using bamboo fishing rod. It can be rather tricky. We didn’t get any fish. :( Better luck next time.


Getting rather frustrated that we did not get any fishes, we took a walk and spotted loads of trees and plants. One of it is the lime tree. The trees was abundant with fruits. We plucked some and popped em into our mouth…but it was so sour.


Walked further and ended up in a bamboo forest.


Finally managed to get some honeyed bamboo shoots.


Next stop is the mock rubber plantation for the rubber tapping activities. Yup. Rubber tapping is another activity provided by Banghuris Homestay. A must try for you city folks. A word of caution. Please wear proper attire or you’ll be donating lotsa blood to the mozzies.


The rubber tree


Not too shabby for TEAM E.T.A. Mr. T managed to make the tree bleed on his first attempt.


Next stop is the rubber processing station


Trying to process the rubber by using the machine.


Flattened rubber by Mr. A


All things rubbers, still raw and not fully processed.



Because time limitation during this trip, we only managed to try a fraction of activities in Banghuris Homestay. If you feel that going rubber tapping and fishing is not your cuppa tea, there is plenty more activities in Banghuris Homestay that you can try. There’s traditional games, communal cooking, learn to dance traditional dance, small industry factory visits and many more.

Banghuris Homestay is offering RM250 for a 3days 2 night package that is inclusive of meals and planned activities. Great for kids during school holidays and for those who wants to experience a kampung life. Info on Banghuris Home stay, should you interested in staying there:

Banghuris Homestay

Jalan Tailong
Kg. Hulu Chuchoh
43950 SG.Pelek
Sepang Selangor

Phone: 03-31421019

Email: [email protected]

Written by Ms. E a.k.a Cleffairy. Originally published in Cleffairy.com


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Voluntourism Adoption Initiative

Last week, Team E.T.A was invited to join the media trip hosted by Sahabat Media CC1M in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014.

 photo IMG_4390_zps702676c6.jpg

Joining the media trip brought us to Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort and Banghuris Homestay, Sepang. (will be talking about that in the next post)

 photo IMG_4195_zps926ecd09.jpg
Absolutely breathtaking place.

 photo IMG_4199_zps86f20f5d.jpg

Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to stay there for a night or two.


The itinerary only includes a stop here for the launching of Voluntourism Program in conjunction of the Visit Malaysia 2014. So, what is exactly ‘voluntourism’? As the word suggest, it is a combination of volunteering and tourism that enable tourists and travelers to volunteer for a good cause while sightseeing or traveling.


The goal of the program is to encourage a better tourism development in 2014 and allow people from all walks of life to be involved in Malaysian tourism. The program kicks off with 1Malaysia Green, 1Malaysia Clean where volunteers from all walks of life can help out with cleaning and beautifying initiative in Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang.

The Voluntourism Adoption Initiative Program includes:

1Malaysia Green, 1Malaysia Clean– involves volunteering in beautifying tourism spots and keeping them green and clean.

1Malaysia Voluntutoring– involves tutoring in language,hospitality and all sort of skills by volunteers in Homestays and tourism spots.

1Malaysia Volunsharing– one that almost everyone can participate. :) Through volunsharing, volunteers may share their traveling experience on various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc.

1Malaysia Event– involves volunteers participation in helping out with Malaysian tourism events.

1Malaysia Culture and Heritage– involves volunteering work in promoting cultural tourism spots and heritage conservation efforts.


Mou signing ceremony between Malaysia Tourism Board and participating NGOs.

 photo IMG_4344_zpscbf87e03.jpg

Volunteers and media friends alike.
 photo IMG_4235_zps577d33f2.jpg

Interested to participate in the voluntourism program and help make Malaysia a better tourism spot while you enjoy your travels and sightseeing? These scouts are some of the volunteers for the program. You can join too. Just hop over to http://voluntourism.motac.gov.my and sign up as a volunteer today.

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