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Ed Alonzo Circus of Magic and Mayhem

Right now, there is one ongoing magic show in Genting Highlands that Team E.T.A personally recommend for the whole family; Ed Alonzo The Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem.

 photo 20151114_153938_zpsr0u34lzs.jpg

Fairly interactive and engaging, the show will keep you hooked.

 photo 20151114_164534_zpslyuqoeqq.jpg
Ed Alonzo, one of America’s foremost comedic magicians has appeared in a number of television shows, will be showcasing his magic cum circus like show from 7th November 2015 to 13th March 2016.

 photo 20151114_161919_zpssoewvicx.jpg
Aso known as the ‘Misfit Magician’ for his famous madcap sense of humour, Ed Alonzo will be showcasing his magic cum circus like show, he will make you wish that you’re part of his mad circus.

Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem is priced from RM88 (PS2), RM128 (PS1) to RM168 (VIP). Children’s ticket price are at RM48 (PS2), RM68 (PS1) and RM88 (VIP). For bookings and inquiries on the show, you may check out HERE

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Chin Swee Caves Temple

One of the place of interest you can visit while you are in Genting Highlands is Chin See Caves Temple.

 photo 20151114_150935_zpsjejfvkfd.jpg

Located at 4,600 feet above sea level, the temple is about 5–10 minutes’ drive from the peak of the mountain, there is plenty to see in the vicinity of the temple, even if you are not a worshipper.

 photo 20151114_144339_zps2wfme66c.jpg

Apart of a giant Buddha and Goddess of Mercy’s statues, you’ll discover that the temple also offers journey to enlightenment through the depiction of heaven and hell via realistic scene brought to life through statues.

 photo 20151114_143643_zpsiterdz6h.jpg

Journey to Enlightment

 photo 20151114_144213_zps6bn9ft6y.jpg

The tortures of Hell

 photo 20151114_145413_zpsdb2s9xsc.jpg

The beauty of heaven

To drive up, refer to Waze or Google Map. Below is the address for your reference.

Chin Swee Caves
Genting Highland
69000 Genting Highland,
Pahang, Malaysia.

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School Holiday Promotion at Coffee Terrace, Genting Highlands

Coffee Terrace at the Lobby Level of Genting Grand Hotel is currently having a promotion for their guests who happens to drop by this school holiday. For just RM38 for adult and RM19 for child, you can enjoy delicacies from the opened kitchen buffet concept eg Local, Flavors of Malaysia, Chinese, Western, Japanese & Western Asian. There are also varieties of appetizer, salads and desserts on the buffet spread.

 photo FB_IMG_1448095182146_zpsmjsebuvs.jpg

Entrance to Cofee Terrace.

 photo FB_IMG_1448095190895_zps2cpalfrf.jpg

Flavours of Malaysia

 photo PhotoGrid_1448329628944_zpsvw35jmay.jpg

Homey dishes

 photo PhotoGrid_1448329596331_zpspfscozbx.jpg

Local favourites

 photo PhotoGrid_1448095673913_zpsudv7pvl3.jpg

Chinese food selection also offers a variety of local favourites.

 photo FB_IMG_1448095295964_zpswiar30pt.jpg

Western delights

 photo PhotoGrid_1448330184467_zpsdyq9nxwf.jpg

Some of our favourites

 photo PhotoGrid_1448095736918_zpsw3zay3aa.jpg


 photo 20151114_121606_zpswl5rnirt.jpg

Walk in welcomed. For bookings and inquiries, click HERE

Coffee Terrace
Lobby Level of Genting Grand Hotel
69000 Genting Highland,
Pahang, Malaysia.

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Asam Pedas Kuala Kubu Bharu

Looking for some authentic Asam Pedas to enjoy? Here’s one where you can enjoy authentic King Prawn Asam Pedas at a very reasonable price: Asam Pedas Kuala Kubu Bharu.

 photo 20151026_160555_zpsc5e4wm1o.jpg

The small restaurant is located at the food court of Dataran Kuala Kubu Bharu. Their specialty? Assorted Asam Pedas.

 photo 20151026_160616_zpsaymbqlcl.jpg

The chef’s specialty: Asam Pedas Udang Galah (King Prawns) is to die for.

 photo 20151026_161712_zpsb2xejelu.jpg

The portion is huge and the prawn was really big.

 photo IMG_468522609581611_zpsqliupqzc.jpeg

Highly flavoured, the gravy should be taken with a plate of piping hot rice.

 photo 20151026_160812_zpspnmsdagd.jpg

Their Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri is not too bad either.

If you are a fan of spicy food or Asam Pedas specifically, you can try this out.

For more info on Asam Pedas Kuala Kubu Bharu, please visit their FB page HERE

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Eco Retreat and Adventure at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

Looking for a place that is away from the bustling city for a little adventurous retreat? Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre is the perfect place for you. It is an agro tourism resort that was built in the orchards on land covering 17 acres and is a haven for those who would love to get close to nature.

 photo IMG_9414_zpsipawfeht.jpg

Entrance to Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

 photo IMG_9415_zpsmgfarobc.jpg

There is a river located deep inside the resort, and one does not necessarily have to be a guest of the resort to enjoy the river activities or a relaxing riverside picnic. The place is accessible to public and daily pass can be obtained at the reception house.

 photo 20151026_120110_zpsixooq0l0.jpg

Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre has more than 70 units of chalets built with both natural and modern elements. Apart from that, there are hostels for visitors who came in groups. For those who are more adventurous. campsites with tents are available for rent. Sleeping bags is however not included.

 photo 20151026_112518_zpspnsr50gu.jpg

During our most recent trip with Tourism Malaysia Selangor for their product update and media program, we stayed at the chalet located deep inside of the Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre.

 photo 20151026_115532_zpss0s011xj.jpg

It was about 8 minutes walk away from the entrance of the resort.

 photo DSCN7824_zpsdvndzqqz.jpg

Aerial view of our chalet

 photo IMG_9412_zpsd8lssi9m.jpg

Our chalet, with balcony overlooking the river.

 photo IMG_9395_zpsxeeob2a_edit_1447228642983_zpskmseh7vd.jpg

The chalet is meant for couples and is equipped with a sofa and TV at the living room and a Queen size bed at the bedroom.

 photo 20151025_154710_zpsfvy9qp1b.jpg

Queen size bed. The bedroom is equipped with air conditioner.

 photo IMG_9402_zpsziv4lfm_edit_1447228992184_zpsqhzfscnl.jpg

There is bathroom ensuite. Our chalet was RM200 per night, inclusive of breakfast for two. Quite a good deal in my opinion, considering the beautiful view. There is a cafe across the river but if you don’t intend to dine there, we would recommend you to stock up on some ready to eat meals as it us quite a distance to the nearest town.

Things to do at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

There are plenty of things to do in Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre, but here’s our pick on what you can do over there.

1. River Tubing

 photo DSCN7770_zpspe67amsu.jpg

There are instructors on duty to guide visitors upstream where the river flows from top to bottom.

 photo DSCN7775_zpsjoh8x8sr.jpg

Helmets and lifejackets is absolutely necessary to avoid any unwanted injuries and incidents as the river flows really fast.

2. 4WD Off Road Trip

 photo IMG_9594_zpskjvktked.jpg

4WD off road ride to the jungle can be very rough. Therefore, Team E.T.A would not recommend this activity to those with heart issues or spinal problems.

 photo DSCN7848_zpsneh2hedt.jpg

Venturing deeper into the jungle, you will be able to get up close and personal with nature.

 photo IMG_9571_zpsahk3g1ae.jpg

We would recommend you to bring shockproof and waterproof camera for picture taking purposes. Action and wide angle cameras like GoPro works well too should you want to record your journey throughout the 4WD trip.

3. Team Building Activities

 photo 20151026_101553_zpsdluwvpnh.jpg

Team building activities. Designed to challenge you not only physically but mentally as well.

4. BBQ Dinner

 photo 20151025_210012_LLS_zpshxwxzc2q.jpg

BBQ facilities is provided, so you might wanna give it a go to.

5. Karaoke

 photo 20151025_214921_zpscbk7xxqx.jpg

If you’re looking for some lighthearted fun, you might wanna try karaoke-ing in Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre too.

Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre is not just a place for recreation, but it is also suitable for training, courses, seminars, meetings, family day and camping. 


Day trip :
Adult (>12 years old) – RM10
Children (5-12 years old) / Senior Citizens (≥55 years old) – RM5
Children (<5 years old) – FREE
Halls :
Hall + PA System – RM650
Hall 1 day (morning – evening) – RM350
Additional LCD TV/Monitor – RM220
Campsite (Day trip admission fee applied) :
Tent (4 person) + Campsite – RM40/tent
Campsite only (4 person) – RM20/tent
Tent installation – RM10/tent
Additional person – RM10/tent
Others :
Karaoke + Technician – RM550/3 hour
Karaoke + Technician (Coffee House / Canopy) – RM400/3 hour
BBQ hut + 2 packs of charcoal – RM50

For booking inquiries, please refer to the information below:

Lot 426 & 427 Jalan Sg Inki,Kg Pasir Putih, Kalumpang 44100 Kerling, Hulu Selangor, Selangor

Tel : 03-6049 1969
Fax : 03-6049 1087
Email : [email protected][email protected]

For bookings and inquiries, please refer to the information below.


Head Office:
Lot 426 & 427 Jalan Sg Inki,Kg Pasir Putih, Kalumpang 44100 Kerling, Hulu Selangor, Selangor
Tel : 03-6049 1969
Fax : 03-6049 1087
Email : [email protected][email protected]

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Experience Malaysia in November 2015


Enjoy a final round of discounted shopping before 2015 ends during this 1Malaysia Year End Sale. Shopping malls and retail outlets are going all out to help you celebrate the year-end holidays, enjoy the Christmas season and prepare for the 2016 school year. 
Organiser    : Tourism Malaysia
Date        : 14 November 2015 – 3 January 2016  
Venue        : Throughout Malaysia
Contact    : +603 8891 8000    
Website    :

MaTiC Street Arts Festival 2015

The Malaysia Tourism Centre in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, has long been an iconic building in Malaysia, not only for its historic legacy but also for being a one-stop tourist information centre. Now, for the first time, the centre will be hosting the MaTic Street Arts Festival 2015, bringing the entire place alive with music, art, and lifestyle activities of the urbanites.

Bring your friends and family to enjoy two whole days of non-stop fun – with lots of art, music, and crafts to appreciate and enjoy. Food trucks will be parked within the compound to offer great food and drinks the entire day. Those interested in the creative arts will love the opportunity to see talented designers and animation artists. Dance and music competitions will also be held, alongside stalls selling clothes, art and crafts, and other knick-knacks.

Organiser    : Malaysia Tourism Centre
Date        : 7 & 8 November 2015
Location    : Lanai, Malaysia Tourism Centre
Contact    : +603 9235 4900
Website    :

Malaysia Open House Celebration — Deepavali

Deepavali or the Festival of Lights is celebrated by all Hindus, and this year’s national open house celebration of Deepavali takes place in Kedah. Come and experience the festivities with great food, entertainment, music and cultural performances, as you mingle with Malaysians of all cultures and walks-of-life. 

Organiser    :  Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia 
Date        :  11 November 2015  
Venue        :  Kulim, Kedah
Contact    : +603 8000 8000  
Website    :

Joget 1Malaysia Melaka

Joget is a traditional Malay dance that originated in Melaka. It involves a very upbeat song and some fancy footwork, usually performed in pairs. One of the most popular type of Joget is called ‘Joget Lambak’ which is usually performed by a large crowd together in social functions. Imagine line-dancing, Malaysian style! Though uncommon now, the Joget is still performed at some functions such as weddings and cultural festivals.

Get into the joget beat at the Joget 1Malaysia Melaka event and pick up a dance move or two! The event intends to bring awareness of this traditional dance form to the public and celebrate the unique culture of Malaysia in Melaka.

Organiser    : National Department of Culture & Arts  
Date        : 13 – 14 November
Venue        : Bandar Hilir Melaka
Contact    : +603 2614 8200
Website    :


The Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST) is an event held annually in the beloved homegrown soil of Malaysia. It celebrates the best of wellness, yoga, music and dance, and its place in helping us deal with the mental health challenges faced daily. MURFEST aims to awaken the “urban spirit” within each individual, and promote wellness, music and dance for a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. The Festival strives to provide a space for self-discovery, self-mastery and knowledge through a variety of wellness practices such as new age healing therapies, traditional alternative treatments, wellness products and lifestyle services. Visitors will be spoilt for choice at this three-day festival with over 80 classes to choose from the different categories – yoga, aqua yoga, zumba, capoeira, motivational speakers, sound healers and many more.

Organiser    : Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival
Date        : 13 – 15 November
Venue        : Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar 
Contact    : Cale – 014 333 0527
Website    :

Hello Kitty Gourmet Café

Fans of popular Japanese icon, Hello Kitty, rejoice! The most famous cat in the world is here to serve you at the Hello Kitty Gourmet Café in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. Hang out with friends as you admire the Hello Kitty-esque décor and immerse yourself in all things kawaii. The first Hello Kitty Café to be established in the Asean region, the outlet serves coffee, macarons, waffles, elegant salads, filling pastas and burgers and a variety of desserts in the shape of Hello Kitty (but of course!) along with other French-inspired food items in this Hello-Kitty-Goes-to-Paris themed café. 

Location        : Lot 083, F. 6, Oasis Boulevard
     Ground floor of Oasis Boulevard at Sunway Pyramid
Operation Hours    : 10 am untill 11 pm
Tel            : 03-56127703

Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta

Looking for something different to do this October? Are you interested in water sport? If yes you are invited to see the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta. The Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta is a challenging offshore and inshore sailing race organized every year by the Royal Selangor Yacht Club. It consists of three overnight passage races, 260 miles in total, plus three days of harbor racing in Penang and Langkawi. The event attracts a large variety of yachts and is a great opportunity to admire top class sails from IRC1 racers to slow classic cruisers dating back over 100 years, all of whom had to cope with unpredictable weather and changing tactics during the nine-day race past tropical islands.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us this November. Don’t forget to bring your family members and friends too!

Organiser    :  The Royal Selangor Yacht Club (RSYC) Venue
Date        :  20-28 November 2015
Venue        :  Pulau Indah, Port Klang, Selangor
Contact    : +603 3168 6964
Website    :

All information is correct at time of publication. 

Visitors are advised to contact the event organiser for the latest updates

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Bridging Culture with Titian Budaya

Celebrating 50 years of Singapore-Malaysia ties, TITIAN BUDAYA will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 21 November 2015 to 17 January 2016. Presented by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore (MCCY) and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia (MOTAC), this cultural season showcases the creative talents of Singapore and Malaysia across a wide spectrum of art forms.

TITIAN BUDAYA will reach out to a wide range of audiences in Malaysia to celebrate the shared cultural connections between Singapore and Malaysia. Held over a span of three months, TITIAN BUDAYA will feature an estimated 400 participants from creative communities in Singapore and Malaysia in diverse programmes across different venues in Kuala Lumpur. MCCY has commissioned CultureLink Singapore to conceptualise, develop and produce the event.

The events underline the spirit of partnership, collaboration and co-operation between the two countries, and will involve about 150 Malaysian participants alongside Singapore creatives. The events also explore cross-cultural expressions, and highlight shared cultural and entertainment traditions and icons familiar to both countries. Additionally, TITIAN BUDAYA introduces aspects of Singapore’s creative scene that have not been widely encountered in Malaysia.

 photo flirting_zps7yimitef.jpg

TITIAN BUDAYA festivities will kick-off with a supercharged weekend carnival titled Next Door at Publika on 21-22 November 2015 with a series of four events transforming the mall into a cultural playground. The theme ‘Next Door’ aptly conveys notions of everyday living with shared experiences in a common neighbourhood. The first event features the opening of Art Next Door, a contemporary art exhibition that will run till 13 December 2015. Specially selected and commissioned art works by artists from Singapore and Malaysia are featured alongside one another, providing glimpses into photography, video art, and installation works of Singapore’s post-1965 generation and their Malaysian counterparts. The exhibition is curated by Tang Fu Kuen.

 photo Art-For-Grabs-393x246_zps5fvcjhr9.jpg

The public will also get the opportunity to dip their creative hands in Bazaar Next Door, a family friendly event within the Boulevard at Publika. Organised in partnership with Art for Grabs, Kuala Lumpur’s most popular arts, design and crafts market and the Singapore Makers Association, there will be over 70 stalls that will occupy and delight Malaysians young and old.

 photo TitianBudaya-Text_zpswarmk0yw.jpg

The third programme at Publika is Music Live Next Door that will feature performances by some of Singapore’s top and emerging music groups: Kailin Yong’s PLUS Trio, Rustic Vibes and SA (仨). Popular Singaporean and Malaysian singer-songwriters Charlie Lim and Liyana Fizi will perform with their respective bands as well as share the stage in a duet. All music performances will be held at Publika’s outdoor stage The Square.

 photo Singapore-Panda-1-393x246_zpscbmszyol.jpg

The fourth and final programme at Publika is Cinema Next Door, that will include a live animation concert by the TO Ensemble; animation films based on stories by five Singapore writers; and a collection of Singapore’s best short films. On Sunday 22 November 2015, we wind down the weekend with an outdoor film screening of Jack Neo’s iconic I Not Stupid.

A significant highlight of TITIAN BUDAYA is TITIAN BUDAYA NIGHT, which will be held on 8 December 2015 at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, Malaysia’s world-class concert venue. This one- night-only gala event is infused with the colours, flavours and rhythms of the region that gives full meaning to the spirit of building bridges across cultures, boundaries, and art forms. A star-studded cast of soloists that includes jazz maestro Jeremy Monteiro and Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah will join the Singapore Chinese Orchestra to perform the works of well-known Malaysian and Singaporean composers in a multicultural extravaganza. Tok Dalang Eyo Hock Seng will lead the Kelantanese wayang kulit troupe Kumpulan Sri Campuran to perform a specially commissioned work from Malaysian composer Yii Kah Hoe, based on the play The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree written by the doyen of Singapore theatre, the late Kuo Pao Kun. The concert also celebrates the music of the legendary late P. Ramlee in a medley of his beloved songs especially re-arranged by Eric Watson. The entire programme will be musically supported by a 90-piece Singapore Chinese Orchestra, one of Singapore’s two national professional orchestras.

Dance enthusiasts are also in for a treat too, as TITIAN BUDAYA, in collaboration with Damansara Performing Arts Centre and T.H.E. Dance Company, will present the Company in two performances on 19-20 December 2015. The Company will perform a double-bill comprising a work by its Artistic Director Kuik Swee Boon, as well as premiere of a new piece commissioned by Indonesian choreographer Jecko Siompo.

From 14-17 January 2016, the inaugural SINGAPORE FILM FESTIVAL in Malaysia will close TITIAN BUDAYA. The Film Festival is produced in collaboration with the Singapore Film Society and National Museum of Singapore. It presents an anthology of post-independence Singaporean films starting with the revival of local cinema since the mid-90s, and showcases 10 breakthrough works by Singaporean filmmaking talents from first-generation directors such as Eric Khoo and Jack Neo, to a younger generation of filmmakers like Anthony Chen, Boo Junfeng, Liao Jie Kai, and Royston Tan. The festival will highlight award-winning films and box office successes that have put Singapore cinema on the world map. Screenings will take place at Golden Screen Cinemas at 1Utama Petaling Jaya and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

TITIAN BUDAYA will also feature talks and discussions to deepen the knowledge and understanding of creative engagements, as well as facilitate cross-border networking and learning between Singapore and Malaysia socio-cultural institutions. These will be organized in conjunction with MY Performing Arts Agency. There will also be an arts-enabling project UNSEEN by artist Alecia Neo who works with visually-impaired communities in Malaysia. This project will be supported by the Singapore International Foundation and aims to use art as a means to effect positive change amongst the participants, as well as the larger community.

For more information on Titian Budaya, please visit

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Tony Roma Ribs Eating Contest 2015 Launch

Many Malaysians pride themselves in being strict non-vegetarian or simply put  plain carnivores. This October and November, Tony Romas, famous for its lip-smacking succulent signature beef ribs and steak, pays special tribute to these meat freaks with the return of the highly anticipated Tony Romas Ribs-Eating Contest 2015. Besides bragging rights, the winners in the male and female categories can also indulge in Tony Romas celebrated ribs,completely free of charge for an entire year!
Until 22 November (in Johor Bahru) and 23 November (in Klang Valley), every purchase of Tony Romas Bountiful Beef Ribs (Roma Rack or Full Slab) at any of Tony Romas nine outlets  entitles customers  to one entry form.

Meanwhile, customers who purchase a Beef 10 dish will get three entry forms.
Eight male customers and eight female customers will be picked in a draw at the end of the contest period to participate in the grand final of the contest. Scheduled to be held at Tony Romas in Komtar JBCC and Citta Mall, the final event will take place in the malls on 27 November 2015 and 28 November 2015 respectively.

While female participants have their challenge cut out for them, competing to eat Tony Romas indulgent Beef 3, the men will compete with the heavier Beef 10! The mechanics for the final event is simple enough  the fastest wins!

 photo TR_2650_zpseiflpz8t.jpg
Already, the contest has created a frenzy among hardcore meat eaters. Members of a Harley Davidson bikers club were recently seen patronising Tony Romas in Citta Mall to chomp down on the eaterys Bountiful Beef Ribs for a chance to qualify themselves for the contest.

 photo TR_2555_zps2viejgey.jpg

There’s nothing like Tony Roma’s Bountiful Beef Ribs and the Harley Davidson bikers definitely agree.

For more information about Tony Romas Rib-Eating contest, visit

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Quill City Mall Shop and Dine Fiesta

Quill City Mall, one of the latest lifestyle destination in KL is proud to announce its Shop & Dine Fiesta where shoppers stand a chance to win a BMW 2 Series, exclusive holidays and a host of other great prizes.

 photo final2_zps5j13yjht.jpg

Quill City Mall, officially launched in January 2015 is a rich blend of shopping and dining in a wonderfully designed and exhilarating setting that enhances the pleasure of shopping, dining and urban living in Kuala Lumpur. The upscale yet accessible Quill City Mall, located in the heart of bustling Kuala Lumpur city, includes offerings that fit every lifestyle. This 8-level retail space has been designed to create a modern destination for people to meet, gather and socialise.

The Shop & Dine Fiesta is a shopping and dining celebration at Quill City Mall, where customers spend a minimum of RM150 in 2 accumulated receipts, enter the contest and stand a chance to win a BMW 2 Series, exclusive holidays, monthly contests, giveaways and other great prizes from participating tenants. The Fiesta runs from 8 October 2015 to 7 March 2016.

So, what does the customer need to do to win the BMW and other great prizes? It’s simple, really. Just shop or dine for RM150 in 2 accumulated bills, fill in and submit the contest entry form at their concierge and wait! In the meantime, follow Quill City Mall on Facebook ( and look out for further announcements and surprise contests.

If winning a BMW 2 Series is not exciting enough, Quill City Mall is also organising great monthly giveaways! Just snap a selfie or a wefie, upload on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #QuillCityMall, #QCM and #QCMShopAndDineFiesta and you could win some great prizes!

For more information on the Shop & Dine Fiesta, visit or or Instagram: QuillCityMall

Posted in Events | Leave a comment Unveils Local Travel Trends & Insights Kuala Lumpur ranked No.1 by Inbound Travellers

As Malaysians gear up for the upcoming end-of-year holiday season, unveiled local travel trends and insights based on the Hotels Price Index (HPI®) report. The HPI is respected as the definitive report on hotel prices paid around the world and is used as a reference tool by the media, hoteliers, financial analysts, investors, tourism bodies and academics.

 photo 1_zpsgjc83r1v.png

As a leading online accommodation booking website,™ publishes the HPI® report twice a year. It is a regular report based on movements in hotel prices in major destinations across the world. The findings of the HPI are based on on bookings made on sites, and prices shown are those actually paid by customers on a per room/per night basis including taxes and fees, rather than advertised rates.

In a media luncheon with local media yesterday, Nelson Allen, Senior Marketing Director, Asia Pacific for the brand said, “As one of the leading destinations in Asia, Malaysia is and has always been a key market for, for both in and out bound travellers.”

For two consecutive years (2014 H1 & 2015 H1), the city of Kuala Lumpur ranked No.1 as the popular destination by inbound travellers from all over the world. From a mix of tourist activities, cultural and heritage diversity to gastronomic offerings, Malaysia has much to offer be it for local or foreign travellers. Other local destinations that are also popular among inbound holidaymakers are Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu and Malacca.

Overall, travellers were paying an average of RM306 per night for hotels in Malaysia in the first half of 2015. Among all travellers, travellers from Switzerland were spending the most (RM 425) on average hotel price paid in Malaysia, followed by Norway (RM 402), United Kingdom (RM 391), and two Asia countries – Hong Kong (RM 381) and South Korea (RM 378).

Top destinations in Malaysia for  travellers from overseas (2015 H1)

Ranking Destination

1. Kuala Lumpur
2. Penang
3. Langkawi
4. Kota Kinabalu
5. Malacca
6. Johor Bahru
7. Kuching
8.Tanah Rata
9.Genting Highlands
10. Ipoh

Top spender for Malaysia hotels (2015 H1)

Ranking travellers from average hotel price paid per night (2015 H1)

1. Switzerland -RM 425
2. Norway- RM 402
3. United Kingdom-RM 391
4. Hong Kong- RM 381
5. South Korea-RM 378

The recent softening of the Ringgit clearly has an impact on local destinations. Subsequently, Malaysians are also noticeably getting back to their roots when it comes to planning vacations.

The softening of Ringgit doesn’t necessarily mean a higher cost of travel. The HPI findings shared at the luncheon was a report conducted between January to June 2015, also revealed that there was a steady drop in hotels prices paid by Malaysians in the UAE, France, Macau, as well as Malaysians’ all time favourite – Bangkok, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. This could be attributed to more Malaysians using online and mobile applications for their travel planning.

Top  destinations for travellers from Malaysia (2015 H1)

Ranking Destination

1. Bangkok
2. Singapore
3. Bali
4. Hong Kong
5. Phuket
6. Melbourne
7. Krabi
8. Seoul
9. Tokyo

Overseas destinations with the highest percentage decreases of
hotel price paid by travellers from Malaysia (2015  H1)

Ranking destination percentage decreases.(2015 H1)

1. United Arab Emirates -36%
2. France -21%
3. Singapore -18%
4. Indonesia -12%
5. Macau- 12%
6. Thailand-7%
7. Hong Kong -4% offers a wide range of hotel choices with the best price guaranteed, and has 17million qualified guest reviews. It also has over 85 websites in over 35 languages with a multi-lingual hotlines, for ease of booking an accommodation at any time. For holidaymakers planning an impromptu trip, will always have 20,000 last minute deals up for grab at the very last minute.

For gadget aficionados, app is also available on Apple and Android wearable devices, and gives the user full access to booking details, directions to hotels, plus reminds you about check-in and check-out information.

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