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Checking in to First World Hotel

First World Hotel implements a self check in system. Here’s a guide for first timers or those who are not familiar with such procedure:

 photo DSCN0828_zps29gpk01n.jpg

There are 2 types of check-in kiosk at First World Hotel Annexe Tower 2 A Lobby. One is grey in and another one is green. There are 2 types of check-in kiosk at First World Hotel Lobby. One is grey in and another one is green in color.  Grey color is Express Self Check-In while Green kioks is for guests who have means made prior bookings at First World Hotel Genting website where they can directly check-in upon arrival and proceed to get their room number and access card.

To check in:

Step 1 : Touch the screen to begin and select your preferred language (English or Mandarin)
Stsp 2 : Identify yourself with MyKad or passport 
Step 3 : Select your booking to check-in. You can also make new reservation if you have not pre-booked in advance 
Step 4: Tap the boxes to select your requests
Step 5 : Proceed to check in and confirm your reservation and payment details 
Step 6 : Select your preferred payment method and confirm the payment (cash or Genting points)
Step 7: Once your payment is successful, press next to proceed for check-in
Step 8: Merge your reservations if required
Step 9 : Select number of room keys required (one card or 2 cards) 
Step 10: Collect your room keys and check-in slip. Check-in is now complete.

Express check in:

Step 1: Scan your MyKad/ Passport (for foreigners) 
Step 2 : Confirm your booking information 
Step 3: Select the number of room keys (1 or 2) and collect access card with receipt.

To check out, simply insert your access card into the check out machine slot.

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Accommodation in Genting Highlands: First World Hotel Annexe Tower 2A

There are plenty of resorts and hotels that you could book in while you are staying in Genting Highlands depending on your budget and iterinery, but here’s introducing one that is suitable for those who are interested in the casino and theme park part of Genting Highlands; the new First World Hotel Annexe Tower 2A.

First World Hotel Annexe Tower 2A is an extension to First World Hotel Tower 2, where more rooms are offered to accommodate guests.

 photo FB_IMG_1435748130393_zpsm9bdxw3z.jpg

Passageway that connects Tower 2 and Tower 2A of the First World hotel.

 photo DSCN0830_zps2afefuzo.jpg

There is a cafe located opposite of the lobby, Terminal 2.

 photo DSCN0840_zpslccpu0rb_edit_1436031776965_zps3h8v7fke.jpg

Terminal 2 offers quite an extensive for those who wants a quick and fuss free bite.

 photo DSCN0841_zpsjv60vpy5_edit_1436032438343_zpsfpokafxp.jpg

Assorted pastries and pizzas are freshly prepared for your gastronomic pleasure.

 photo DSCN0839_zpsdoegw4e6_edit_1436031715744_zpsmwuhbscw.jpg

Wide arrays of pastries and delicatessens being displayed on the shelf.

 photo DSCN0829_zpsluxf2uvz_edit_1436032923425_zpsatfjnxri.jpg

Diners could opt to take away their orders or enjoy their meals in at the cafe overlooking magnificent view.

 photo DSCN0827_zpsrifcdeco.jpg

Self check in and check out kioks can be spotted all around for guests’ convenience, mirroring what’s implemented in First World Hotel Tower 1 and Tower 2.

 photo DSCN0666_zps3ddgrbdv.jpg

There are a few types of rooms offered in this Tower 2A, but here’s an economical one. XYZ Deluxe Room, with two single beds.

 photo DSCN0668_zpsn9fnq0a0.jpg

Functional wardrobe, kettle, safebox and mini fridge is provided for your convenience. Charging your gadgets is made easy by the International and USB access sockets provided.

 photo DSCN0669_zpshtx4xq6o.jpg

Mini Fridge

 photo DSCN0672_zpsew5ebkft.jpg

Electronic kettle and complimentary instant coffee satchets and tea pack.

 photo DSCN0670_zps0xgphsfz.jpg

In-room entertainment includes a flat screen TV.

 photo DSCN0674_zpsbdkciks5.jpg

The shower, the vanity and the toilet shares the same compartment but with seperate cubicles.

 photo DSCN0665_zpsuzpcsv6c.jpg

The toilet was squeaky clean.

 photo DSCN0664_zpsk1rgwilc.jpg

The shower

 photo DSCN0676_zps9knnwxrr.jpg

Hair dryer is available at the vanity section.

This room is highly recommended for those who intends to spend their time exploring the theme park, try their hands gambling at the casino or explore tourism spots in Genting Highlands.

For more information on other types of rooms and the rates for this hotel, you may check out this link: http://www.rwgenting.com/hotel/firstworld-hotel/

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