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Monster High ghouls visit Kuala Lumpur!

The ghouls from Monster High are haunting to Scaris the City of Frights for an international fashion competition where the winner will become THE apprentice to world famous designer Madame Ghostier.

On their way to invade the fashion capital, the ghouls make a pit stop — in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — to launch the drop dead gorgeous Monster Highâ„¢ clothing collection, meet their fans and experience the voltageous city…

Check it out. 😀


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Improve Your Travel Experience by Packing

One thing that Team E.T.A learned about traveling is that any business trip or vacation goes smoother when you pack properly. It doesn’t matter how you travel – your experience will suffer if you overlook important details. So here’s sharing tips on how you can make your traveling experience much more enjoyable by giving a good start:

• Protect your ATM card, driver’s license, and credit cards. Most banks give away free sleeves that guard against accidental contact with coins and other scratchy surfaces.

• Do you have several pieces of baggage with locks and keys? Keep them organized by marking each lock and key with a corresponding number or letter. If you have more than one set of keys, stow them in a different place from the first set or give them to a travel companion to carry.

• Taxicabs in many countries like are much smaller This means they have smaller trunks that might not accommodate huge suitcases. Try to avoid problems by downsizing your luggage.

• Decrease the volume of packed items by finding things that will do double duty. For example:
– Reversible skirts or jackets
– All-in-one cosmetic products
– Two-in-one hair shampoo/conditioner
– Basic black clothing. It color-coordinates with anything.

• Another way to reduce weight and volume is to limit the number of liquids you take with you.
– Take pocket pack strips instead of bottled mouthwash.
– Buy gel caps or pills in place of liquid OTC medications.
– Pack granola or breakfast bars rather than heavier snacks.

• Are you planning to vacation near the beach or in an area that gets a lot of rain? A waterproof wallet will protect your ID, credit cards, and cash.

• Load your smartphone with apps and information such as:
– Important telephone numbers
– Contact information for travel carrier and accommodations
– Mailing addresses for postcards
– Weather app
– Restaurant locator
– EBook reader
– Travel guidebooks
– Language translation software, if necessary

• Check to see if your room will have a blow-dryer, iron, towels for the swimming pool, robes, etc. Do not pack anything that is provided by the hotel.

• If you will be flying, take a walk around the block after you have packed all your suitcases. Carry everything that you will have to lug through the airport. If you can’t make it back home easily, reevaluate and reduce the number of bags or their contents.

• Remember that there could be occasions when you will have to lift wheeled luggage over obstructions or possibly even up a flight of stairs. Be sure you are physically able to do so.

• Avoid carrying brand new, expensive-looking luggage. Thieves tend to gravitate toward this kind of traveler.

• Here is the most important tip of all: Complete all your packing, documentation, and chores at least one day in advance of your trip. You will start out relaxed and able to deal with unexpected problems without delaying your plans.

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